MiikaHweb is a web site I have been maintaining since 2003. It started as a platform to publish my Game Maker projects. Since then MiikaHweb has grown to fulfill my interest in web technologies.

While most websites are built on out-of-box publishing solutions like WordPress or Joomla, this site is entirely coded by me. Not because I could do it better - but to practice my web developer skills. ;)

MiikaHweb core is written in PHP and uses MySQL for databases. Systems including page layout/engine, blog, comments, statistics, guestbook, anti-spam system, admin control panel etc. are all written by me. I have also coded some site management tools like MiikaHweb bot that automatically checks new versions for items listed in "Software" section.

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You can contact me using this email address. Optionally you can use guestbook or feedback form.

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