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Revision fa91f90 by Julian Eisel (outliner-cpp-refactor)
November 8, 2020, 23:37 (GMT)
Cleanup: General cleanup of Outliner Blender File display mode building

* Turn functions into member functions (makes API for a type more obvious &
local, allows implicitly sharing data through member variables, enables order
independend definition of functions, allows more natural language for
function names because of the obvious context).
* Prefer references over pointers for passing by reference (makes clear that
NULL is not a valid value and that the current scope is not the owner).
* Reduce indentation levels, use `continue` in loops to ensure preconditions
are met.
* Add asserts for sanity checks.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: fa91f90287f5a39c6256725e180c3bc9d1fee134
Parent Commit: 2d60f64
Lines Changed: +131, -114

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