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Damien Plisson (damien78)

Total Commits : 149
Master Commits : 148
Branch Commits : 1
First Commit : September 30, 2009
Latest Commit : March 26, 2011

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
March, 20112
February, 20110
January, 20112
December, 20101
November, 20101
October, 20103
September, 20103
August, 20101
July, 20108
June, 20101
May, 20105
April, 20104
March, 20104
February, 201018
January, 201016
December, 200924
November, 200925
October, 200930
September, 20091

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Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added7 23649.2
Lines Removed3 45323.5

Latest commits Feed

Revision ac2d935 by Damien Plisson (master)
March 26, 2011, 09:09 (GMT)
Update cmake & scons scripts to use new Collada includes for building with latest blender collada updates
Revision df3688a by Damien Plisson (master)
March 7, 2011, 21:28 (GMT)
CMake/OSX: Bugfix [#26375]: Add default values for the OSX architecture: x86_64 (also used to select the python dynlibs that'll be bundled with the application).
Set deployment target to be 10.5 by default.

Fix broken build introduced by recent source/creator/CMakeList.txt cleanup
Revision 7d675b1 by Damien Plisson (master)
January 18, 2011, 20:53 (GMT)
Fix [#25678]: (Ghost Cocoa) Fix character encoding translation for filenames (open & window title display)
Revision 559059a by Damien Plisson (master)
January 1, 2011, 19:48 (GMT)
Fix [#25442]: (Ghost Cocoa) Add missing initialization of associated object pointer when switching to/from fullscreen.
Revision 5150884 by Damien Plisson (master)
December 4, 2010, 14:26 (GMT)
Cocoa : fix drag and drop was no more operational after having fullscreened the window
Revision 49f6358 by Damien Plisson (master)
November 24, 2010, 21:39 (GMT)
OSX: Patch associated with Python update to 3.1.2.
Thanks to Jens Verwiebe for making the build and the patch to make the Game Engine build again with it.
Revision deb058a by Damien Plisson (master)
October 24, 2010, 07:55 (GMT)
Collada : header files order dependency was making osx compile fail
Revision b6bdf68 by Damien Plisson (master)
October 2, 2010, 09:17 (GMT)
OSX/Cocoa: Fix [#24068] for correct handling of .blend file names with accented nordic characters
Revision af8ae62 by Damien Plisson (master)
October 2, 2010, 09:15 (GMT)
OSX/Cocoa: Mouse up was not sent to WM after window resize
Revision 606b800 by Damien Plisson (master)
September 26, 2010, 19:53 (GMT)
OSX/Cocoa : discard Cocoa GL view flush while in live resize, and send Window size change ghost message only when user releases mouse button (not in live resize).
Potentially fixing bug [#23561]

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