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Blender Git "master" branch commits.

7 hours 20 min ago
Cycles: Fixed crash when the camera was inside 16 volumes or more. It still won't render those volumes correctly, but at least the crash is addressed.
7 hours 30 min ago
Fix (unreported) passing CDLayer 'ID' instead of bitflag to a cdlayer mask!

Probably harmless, since I bet CD_ORIGINDEX is nearly always generated,
but still...
12 hours 10 min ago
Fix T55528: Cycles AO node should default to 1 if radius is 0.
13 hours 7 min ago
Cleanup DM generation code for ProjPaint.

Two branches were actually doing essentially the same thing here, no
need to artificially complicate things. ;)
13 hours 11 min ago
Fix (unreported) unauthorized relesing of derived_final DM in paint projection code.

NEVER free yourself DM returned by mesh_get_derived_final(), it's always
to one assigned to ob->derived_final!
15 hours 5 min ago
Vertex Paint: set sculpt object mode immediately

SculptSession.mode_type wasn't initialized until painting,
making it unreliable for checks in other parts of the code.

Also remove unnecessary initialization,
matching sculpt mode more closely.
16 hours 7 min ago
editorconfig: correct C/C++ using space
Revision 38b72fb by LazyDodo
1 day and 2 hours ago
make.bat: Fix msvc-2017 detection.

D3485 by @manung

Differential Revision:
1 day and 5 hours ago
editorconfig: add rst
1 day and 5 hours ago
editorconfig: add line length, glsl
1 day and 5 hours ago
Add .editorconfig file

This is a fairly well supported file-type configuration
for indentation and trailing space stripping.

See for details.
1 day and 11 hours ago
Fix T55503: File browser filter not working correctly.

There were two issues here, introduced by rB66aa4af836:
* Forgot to change length of some filter_glob var deep in filebrowser code.
* Truncating filter_glob in general can be dangerous, generating
unexpected patterns.

Last point was the root of the issue here, truncating to 63 chars string
left last group as 'match everything' `*` pattern.

To fix that to some extent, added a new BLI_path_extension_glob_validate
helper to BLI_path_util, which ensures we do not have last
wildcards-only group in our pattern, when there are more than one group.
1 day and 16 hours ago
RNA: disable animation for file output options
June 17, 2018, 18:18 (GMT)
Cleanup: trailing space cmake, make.bat
June 17, 2018, 18:15 (GMT)
Cleanup: trailing space in CMake files
June 17, 2018, 18:01 (GMT)
Python: Allow untrusted py-drivers to run limited expressions

Limit to a restricted set of built-ins, as well as the math module.
Also restrict of op-codes, disallowing imports and attribute access.

This allows most math expressions to run
without any performance cost once the initial check is done.

See: D1862 for details.
June 17, 2018, 15:06 (GMT)
Cleanup: trailing space for remaining source/
June 17, 2018, 15:06 (GMT)
Cleanup: trailing space for blenloader
June 17, 2018, 15:05 (GMT)
Cleanup: trailing space for blenkernel
June 17, 2018, 15:05 (GMT)
Cleanup: trailing space for compositor
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