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2 hours 23 min ago
Fix T89374: Erasing/cutting in Grease Pencil makes Blender shut down

When cut a stroke of 1 point, the clean up done to avoid keep 1 point strokes removes the memory, but the pointer to the first stroke was not set to NULL. As this pointer is invalid now, any use of this produces a segment fault because the pointer is corrupted..
2 hours 30 min ago
GHOST/XR: fix code format
3 hours 5 min ago
PyDoc: Update Sphinx and pin dependencies

Sphinx has rather loose dependency requirements which can cause issues if we aren't careful.
As a solution they recommend that you pin sphinx dependency versions
3 hours 13 min ago
UI: Fix widget emboss: Also fade on the right side

Currently the emboss is only fading on left side of the widget,
resulting in the emboss extending vertically on the right side
and ending abruptly. This patch fixes this by also fading the
emboss on the right side and making it symmetric.

Differential Revision:
3 hours 18 min ago
Transform: display units for proportional edit value

This fixes T88346.

The code is also more readable by making a better distinction between
the texts used for Distances, "Proportional Size" and "AutoIK-Len".

And the text used to translate the "Proportional Size" is reused.
3 hours 44 min ago
Cleanup: deduplicate code and rename variables

This makes it clearer that variables are strings and how they are used
in the Move header code.
4 hours 35 min ago
GHOST/EGL: ignore unused variables
4 hours 35 min ago
GHOST/EGL: getters for display, config and context
4 hours 35 min ago
GHOST/EGL: add GHOST_XrGraphicsBindingOpenGL as friend
4 hours 35 min ago
GHOST/XR: enable X11-EGL context for OpenXR
Revision ee8b284 by Hans Goudey
5 hours 13 min ago
Fix T89327: Cube and ico sphere nodes do not create UVs

It turns out you have to add the UV custom data layer manually before
calling the BMesh primitive operators, even if you pass `calc_uvs=true`.
5 hours 41 min ago
Cleanup: Spelling Mistakes

This patch fixes many minor spelling mistakes, all in comments or
console output. Mostly contractions like can't, won't, don't, its/it's,

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Harley Acheson
5 hours 43 min ago
Cleanup: Remove extra blank line

5 hours 46 min ago
Fix T89366: GPencil hide layers above parented layer

The problem was the flag was not reset by layer in the loop.
Revision ebfad93 by Hans Goudey
6 hours 16 min ago
Fix T89343: Point cloud instances not transformed when realized

This problem has surprisingly been there for quite a few months.
For point clouds all attributes were handled the same, even "position",
which should be transformed when combining source points into the
6 hours 22 min ago
Revert "Enhanced stats/reports for blendfile reading."

This change crashes library linking operators, related tests and probably more.

This reverts commit f8d219dfd4c31a918e33cb715472d91a5cd3fd51.

Ref D11583
Revision 0b15353 by Hans Goudey
7 hours 0 min ago
Geometry Nodes: Join curve attributes when realizing instances

Previously the code assumed that curve instances had no attributes.
This is true when the data came from curve objects, which don't support
attributes currently, but it isn't necessarily true when retrieving curves
from evaluated geometry sets.
Revision f3eecfe by Hans Goudey
7 hours 3 min ago
Cleanup: Refactor spline copying functions

Make the virtual functions protected and simpler, so that the logic is
better contained in the base class's implementation. Also introduce a
`copy_without_attributes` method to be used for realizing instances.
7 hours 8 min ago
Fix deadlock with shrinkwrap and other modifiers

More code that needs task isolation. Encountered in sprite fright production

Ref D11603
8 hours 7 min ago
Enhanced stats/reports for blendfile reading.

Add direct user feedback (as a warning report) to user when recursive
resync of overrides was needed.

And some timing (as CLOG logs) about main readfile process steps.

This is essentially adding a new BlendFileReadReport structure that wraps
BKE_reports list, and adds some extra info (some timing, some info about
overrides and (recursive) resync, etc.).
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