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1 hour 44 min ago
Cleanup: Move Detail Operators and Dyntopo to their own files
3 hours 39 min ago
Cleanup: Move Mask Filter and Mask Expand to their own files
4 hours 20 min ago
Cleanup: Move Mesh Filter, Smooth and Automasking to their own files
5 hours 16 min ago
fix (unreported): Weld Modifier: possible use of uninitialized variable
5 hours 43 min ago
Cleanup: Move all sculpt transform functionality to its own file
5 hours 58 min ago
Code Quality: Replace for loops with LISTBASE_FOREACH

Note this only changes cases where the variable was declared inside
the for loop. To handle it outside as well is a different challenge.

Differential Revision:
5 hours 58 min ago
Cleanup: Including "BLI_listbase.h" for LISTBASE_FOREACH macro

These headers are not needed right away, but will be in the upcoming
6 hours 2 min ago
Cleanup: Missing clang format in previous commit
Revision cfc8d73 by Pablo Dobarro
6 hours 8 min ago
Cleanup: Move all Face Set functionality to its own file
Revision 63922c5 by Julian Eisel
7 hours 0 min ago
Cleanup: Rename ExtensionRNA variables from ext to rna_ext

Makes it more clear that code using this is related to the RNA
integration of a type.
Part of T74432.

Also ran clang-format on affected files.
7 hours 48 min ago
Fluid: Refactored caching in main Mantaflow class

This refactor cleans up code for the Manta file IO. It also improves the cache 'Replay' option.
7 hours 48 min ago
Fluid: Refactored MANTA class

Refactored the caching system so that return values are no longer ignored. The aim of this refactor was to make the caching more robust.
8 hours 31 min ago
Cleanup: clarification of 'name' in BKE_idtype functions

The 'name' parameter of `BKE_idtype_idcode_from_name()`, and the `str`
parameter of `idtype_get_info_from_name()`, are expected to be the
'user visible name' of an `IDTypeInfo` struct. This is made clearer in
the code by renaming those parameters to `idtype_name` and mentioning
it in the documentation of the `BKE_idtype_idcode_from_name()`

Differential Revision:
8 hours 39 min ago
Cleanup: Animation, move AnimData API to `anim_data.c`/`BKE_anim_data.h`

The `BKE_animsys.h` and `anim_sys.c` files already had a an "AnimData
API" section. The code in that section has now been split off, and
placed into `BKE_anim_data.h` and `anim_data.c`.

All files that used to include `BKE_animsys.h` have been adjusted to
only include the animation headers they need (sometimes none).

No functional changes.
8 hours 56 min ago
Cleanup: Fix build warning with MSVC

SubdivCCG was unknown when compiling gpuinit_exit.c
9 hours 12 min ago
Fix T74495: Shrink/Fatten gives strange results with Individual Origins

The island `axismtx` is only necessary in some transform modes.

In the case of `Shrink/Fatten`, the calculated `axismtx` brings an
undesirable result.

This commit rearrange the struct `TransIslandData` in order to
calculate and reference only the arrays that will be used for each
transform mode.

Differential Revision:
9 hours 18 min ago
New Undo: Fix crash in some complex production files.

There is no guarantee that depsgraph is ran between two undo steps, so
when re-using an existing data-block we should never wipe completly its
recalc flags, but instead complement them with new ones from accumulated
'storage' as needed.
Revision ad85989 by Julian Eisel
10 hours 43 min ago
Cleanup: Rename bScreen variables from sc/scr to screen

Part of T74432.

Mostly a careful batch rename but had to do few smaller fixes.

Also ran clang-format on affected files.
10 hours 57 min ago
Cleanup: add missing #includes to some headers

It should be possible to `#include` any header without having to worry
about its dependencies.

I didn't go and check all include files for this, just the ones that caused
me errors while I was refactoring the `anim_sys.c` file.

No functional changes.
Revision 905c026 by Julian Eisel
11 hours 51 min ago
Cleanup: Rename ScrArea variables from sa to area

Follow up of b2ee1770d4c3 and 10c2254d412d, part of T74432.
Now the area and region naming conventions should be less confusing.

Mostly a careful batch rename but had to do few smaller fixes.

Also ran clang-format on affected files.
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