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15 minutes ago
DRW: Fix couple of issues in DRW_draw_select_id

Theses 2 function calls are mandatory.
1 hour 16 min ago
Fix T68723: GPencil - Split Select mode for Sculpt and Edit mode

Actually, the selection mode is not visible in Sculpt mode when mask is enabled, but still is used.
Also, the mode is shared between Edit mode and Sculpt mode and for meshes the selector is by mode.

This commit splits the select mode in different properties and show the selector in Sculpt mode to define the Select mode. Also, the Select Mask button has been removed and now the Select Mode buttons work equal to Meshes where the select buttons are the mask enable too.

Fixed some old code not valid detected during these changes.

Differential Revision:
4 hours 52 min ago
Fix T68722: Improve Smooth algorithm for Thickness and Strength

Now the GPencil smooth algorithm uses a average value instead to use only two points and the interpolated value.

Differential Revision:
6 hours 26 min ago
Fix unreported GPencil Thickness modifier affecting strokes not in Vertex Groups

Prior to this commit: If the Grease Pencil Thickness modifier is set to Normalize and a Vertex Group is selected, the thickness of all strokes are effected when changing the Thickness parameter. Points on strokes are only normalised (= pressure set to 1.0) if they are part of the Vertex Group; the strokes themselves may still change thickness.

With this patch: If Normalize is selected with a Vertex Group, Blender now pre-checks each stroke to determine whether it has vertices within or outside the Vertex Group. If all the points on the stroke belong to the Vertex Group, it normalises the whole stroke to a uniform thickness. If some or none of the points of the stroke belong to the Vertex Group, the stroke is now left as is.

Reviewed By: @antoniov
Differential Revision: with minor edit.
6 hours 39 min ago
Fix T68753: GPencil tooltip typo
20 hours 51 min ago
PyRNA: include class name in double-register exception

Helps debugging errors when classes are registered twice.
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Allow select on row icons

Allow selection of subtree elements on a collapsed element's
row. Because subtree elements are aggregated by type, a select on
an icon that represents multiple subtree elements will invoke a
popup menu to select the specific subtree element.

Also draws highlights on cursor hover over a row icon.

Any child elements that are linked to multiple collections will
only be listed in the popup one time, and selection from the
popup will select the first instance in the subtree.
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: invisible object filter

Adds an invisible object filter in the outliner to show hidden
objects. This is useful to quickly locate hidden items in a large outliner
tree and easily toggle visibilty back on. Invisible refers to an object
being hidden, or viewport visibility restricted.
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: walk navigation operator and openclose fixes

Adds a keyboard walk navigation and selection operator to the
outliner. Up and down arrow keys walk up and down the list of
elements, and left and right will open and close elements if
the elements are closed or opened respectively. Holding shift
while walking up and down the tree expands the selection.

Holding shift while clicking or pressing left and right arrows
will expand or collapse all children elements recursively.
Pressing enter to openclose the hovered element is removed.

Also allows click+drag for openclose of element subtrees.

This moves openclose toggling to the openclose operator to
remove duplicate code. The outliner tree building is tweaked
slightly to set the proper parents in scene display mode for walk
select to walk to parents without errors.
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Use F2 to rename active outliner item

Previously with F2 mapped to the global rename active object
operator, it was not posible to use the conventional F2 to rename any
outliner element like collections or object data. This adds F2 to the
outliner keymap to call the outliner rename operator rather than the
popup rename object operator.
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Draw sequencer and vertex group icons

Draw icons for sequencer and vertex groups. The sequence
types need updates because they all draw in various colors
and some sequence types do not have an icon.
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: set scene camera on camera data activate
Revision 6bc6d01 by Nathan Craddock
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Fixes to show active and scroll page

Adjusts the scrolling of show active and scroll page operators
to use the `outliner_scroll_view` operator to ensure scrolling
does not leave the outliner bounds.

Also changes show active to expand subtrees containing all
instances of the active object, which may be linked to multiple
Revision 1e51411 by Nathan Craddock
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Fix scenes in scene display not starting open
Revision 7ba2de8 by Nathan Craddock
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: set parent for entire selection

Set and clear parents for all elements in the selection in the outliner.

This also removes the popup menu for setting the parent to curves,
armatures, and lattices. It makes more sense to keep the outliner
simple and only do object parenting.
Revision 7ee2392 by Nathan Craddock
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Support box select on click+drag
Revision fdcae9e by Nathan Craddock
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Add range extend select and modify keymap

Modifies selection keymap to be more conventional, with
shift click for range selection and ctrl click for extend
21 hours 12 min ago
Outliner: Synced selection and active element highlighting

Adds a toggle to the filter menu for outliner synced selection. Enabled
by default, this ensures selection is synced between objects, bones, and
sequences. An active outliner element theme color is added to indicate
which element is active.

Synced selection is controlled on the operator level. Each operator
that modifies selection for objects, bones, sequences, or outliner
elements needs to call the respective ED_outliner_select_sync_from..
function to tag outliners to be synced.

Syncing is done lazily on outliner draw.
21 hours 12 min ago
Collections: change active if hidden or excluded

When the active collection is hidden or excluded, change the active
collection to the first visible parent collection. This behavior existed
previously for excluding collections, and is now expanded to also
switch the active collection when viewport hidden or restricted.

This does not prevent viewport hidden or restricted collections from
being reactivated later. This could be added as a separate commit.
Excluded collections cannot be activated, so it may make sense to
extend this behavior to hiding collections.
21 hours 12 min ago
Eyedropper: Support datadropper in the outliner

Adds support for using the eyedropper in the outliner in addition to
the 3D view.
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