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2 hours 29 min ago
Fix T66948: Outliner - collections/objects with wrong active state

If the parent collection was out of view we were not taking its
properties into consideration. We need it even when not drawing the
parent to set active/inactive values for its children.

Related Task: T66948

Reviewers: brecht

Subscribers: Zachman

Differential Revision:
2 hours 29 min ago
Fix T64312: Selection inconsistencies when switching collections

Basically layer_collection_sync was calling BKE_base_eval_flags right away while
iterating over the bases.

However when a parent/sibling collection is to influence the collection flag of
an object that exists in more than one collection, it is too late since we
deselect the object in BKE_base_eval_flags right away.

Related to T64312.

Reviewers: sergey, brecht

Differential Revision:
4 hours 43 min ago
GPencil: Fix usability problem with curve control points apart

Based on feedback from @matiasmendio

There was a problem with the control points because it was very difficult to know what point move. Now the points are moved apart and makes easy to know what point use.
6 hours 12 min ago
Fix T66515, T67112, T61607: failure to read EXR files with single, named layer

Like Blender renders without a Z channel. The single layer case assume that channel
names are just R/G/B/A without any layer name prefix, and would not read channels
like "Image.R".

Carefully tested for regressions with the openexr project tests images, so this
should be safe.
7 hours 50 min ago
Fix T59713: Armature layer dots not updated on changes

`layer_used` runtime data, which controls the drawing of dots in the UI was not getting refreshed properly.
This used to happen in the drawing code, but was no longer working for reasons explained in:

The solution was to update each layer manually in the operators:
* ARMATURE_OT_bone_primitive_add
* ARMATURE_OT_delete
* ARMATURE_OT_dissolve
* ARMATURE_OT_separate
* ARMATURE_OT_bone_layers
* POSE_OT_bone_layers

Differential Revision:
10 hours 16 min ago
Fix T66919: Force field does not affect particles

Reviewers: brecht

Reviewed By: brecht

Maniphest Tasks: T66919

Differential Revision:
10 hours 37 min ago
Fix T67099: entering color picker hex value #FF results in 1.000001
10 hours 37 min ago
Fix T66091: paint curve point slide conflicts with 2D cursor
10 hours 37 min ago
Fix T67075: make object.visible_get() and similar APIs more forgiving

When objects are not in the view layer, just return false rather than throwing
an error. As far as the script is concerned the object is not visible or
selected when it's not in the current view layer.
10 hours 43 min ago
Fix T67127: Crash Missing DEG tag update mask layer

When ng mask layer operations (add, remove, move) the
original mask was not tagged to be updated resulting
in missing data on the copy. The Masking function
assumes that the copy and the original is always
structured the same.

Reviewed By: brecht, sergey

Differential Revision:
11 hours 2 min ago
Clip editor: Fix missing frame update on undo

It is possible that undo will change current scene frame and that was
not synchronizing current frame from scene to movie clip user.

Reported as a part of T66519.

Reviewers: brecht

Reviewed By: brecht

Maniphest Tasks: T66519

Differential Revision:
11 hours 35 min ago
Revert "Fix T59713: Moving bones between layers in edit mode doesn't show the dot icon in the layers UI"

This commit did not follow the protocol that requires a review first.

This reverts commit 580acab1737c726f43e39792dbb75f3ca2089fcb.
Revision 580acab by mano-wii
11 hours 51 min ago
Fix T59713: Moving bones between layers in edit mode doesn't show the dot icon in the layers UI
13 hours 16 min ago
Fix T67001: Studio and Flat lightning in single color do not respect clipping region

`DRW_STATE_CLIP_PLANES` has to be enabled independent of the workbench material.

Reviewers: fclem, jbakker

Differential Revision:
13 hours 37 min ago
Fix T67115: Changing the Shape of a Force Field object does not refresh the animation
13 hours 48 min ago
Undo System: replace with simpler binary diffing buffer storage

Applying/undoing incremental changes didn't fit well when
mixed with periodic snapshots from mem-file undo.

This moves to a much simpler undo system.

- Uses array storage with de-duplication from `BLI_array_store`.
- Loads the buffer into existing text data,
for better performance on large files.
- Has the advantage that Python operators can be supported
since we don't depend on hard coded undo operations.

Solves T67045, T66695, T65909.
16 hours 28 min ago
Fix T66949: Can't select bones from multiple objects in wpaint mode
17 hours 11 min ago
Fix T67047: Can't jump to frame when using jack in A/V sync mode

Similar fix to 495aff7.

Reviewers: brecht

Reviewed By: brecht

Maniphest Tasks: T67047

Differential Revision:
18 hours 10 min ago
Fix object selection when in pose mode

The new selected object was activated but not selected.
23 hours 6 min ago
Edge Slide: Fix multi-object for loop early exit

Part of D5274, reviewed by Campbell Barton.
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