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1 hour 20 min ago
Fix clipboard copying collections when copying objects from 3DView.

This was inherited from 2.7x behavior with groups, but in 2.8
collections are also used as 2.7x layers, which turns to be a problem
when pasting back clipboard content, since it would instantiate
collections instead of objects, quickly leading to tens of new
collections in the viewlayer...

Instead, we only copy selected objects from the 3DView now. On paste
time, those will be added to the active collection.

Last part of fixes related to T61670.
1 hour 39 min ago
Fix T62802: Layer order inverted in Outliner
6 hours 48 min ago
Cleanup: move functions into doxy sections

Also use const args for queries.
7 hours 14 min ago
Cleanup: use doxy sections for interface_handlers
9 hours 10 min ago
Cleanup: move scroll step into own function
9 hours 30 min ago
UI: popovers scroll now changes offset directly

Mouse wheel on menus changes the selected item item which doesn't work
well for popovers since buttons aren't always stacked vertically.

Resolves T62777
9 hours 31 min ago
Cleanup: split menu scrolling function

The same function scrolled to a location and button (depending on args).
11 hours 14 min ago
Fix T62782: Edge slide crashes with mirror enabled
12 hours 24 min ago
Viewport: Draw loose edges in edit mesh mode if there is a modifier stack
13 hours 55 min ago
Fix DEG warning from T52873: Proximity WeightVG modifier can use empty as target too.

Only create DEG_OB_COMP_GEOMETRY relation to target object when it has
some, and we use it.
15 hours 1 min ago
Fix T58748 Mirror modifier: edges/verts invisible unless face is present

It was due to the mapped mesh not being used if no face was present in the
cage mesh.
15 hours 18 min ago
Fix T60815: drag & drop crash when search menu is opened immediately after.

Patch by matc, some further refactoring by me.

Differential Revision:
15 hours 49 min ago
Fix T62788: drop image into node editor puts node at wrong location.

It should be under the mouse cursor but was wrong for high DPI. Also put the
cursor in the header now so it's easy to reposition.
16 hours 28 min ago
Merge branch 'blender2.7'
16 hours 28 min ago
Fix assert after recent changes.

Mark as localized immediately, so that functions that edit the node tree can
verify they are being used under the correct conditions.
16 hours 28 min ago
Fix cycles.merge_images not merging correctly for some channel layouts.
17 hours 34 min ago
Merge branch 'blender2.7'
17 hours 42 min ago
Cycles: make cycles.merge_images work with incomplete layers and passes.

If layers and passes are not exactly the same in all files, we make a best
effort to merge them instead of failing.
17 hours 42 min ago
Fix T62758: hair curves with UV mapped textures renders wrong.

Differential Revision:
17 hours 42 min ago
Fix T61326 "In Front" option not working on edit curves

Create a new pass for them and draw them separately.

Beware of the double multisample resolve when multi-editing a mix of curves
with and without the "in front" option enabled.
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