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6 hours 55 min ago
GPencil: Performance improvement for Multiframe and Onion Skin

Before when Onion or Multiframe was enabled the VBO length was the total of points on the object for all frames and this results in a big size when the scene had a lot of frames.

Now, the size of VBO length is calculated more precisely and reduce the time to alloc the VBO.This also reduce memory footprint.
8 hours 59 min ago
Cleanup: Fix comment mistake
10 hours 4 min ago
GPencil: Apply transformed rotation only if needed

If there aren't modifiers or they are not transform type, the rotation is not needed.
15 hours 28 min ago
GPencil: Use Object location instead of 3D cursor for Grab Brush

Instead to use the 3D cursor as reference point (legacy code), it would be better use the object location.

Tested by: @pepeland
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Use evaluated or original data in Sculpt for Multiframe

The evaluated frame is only available when the frame is the active one.

Related to T70116
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Fix error in previous commit

Related to T70116
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Rename function
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Copy temp color in multiframe

As the evaluated data is not calculated in multiframe, needs to have the original colors.

Related to T70116
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Multiframe Show only Edit lines was inverted

The flag was working in the oposite mode.

Related to T70116
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: More changes to use original data in multiframe sculpt

Related to T70116
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Remove Sculpt rotation effect for multiframe sculpt

As multiframe does not use modifiers, this is not required and only gets weird results.

Related to T70116
15 hours 48 min ago
GPencil: Fix unreported select not working in multiframe mode

The selection was not working because the evaluated frame was only working for active frame, so when the evaluation was changed to use eval data instead of original data, the data was not available and the loop did not use it.

Related to T70116
22 hours 42 min ago
Cleanup: extra semicolon, comma warnings
23 hours 59 min ago
Cleanup: unused headers in editors
1 day and 1 hour ago
Revert "Modifiers: every modifier now copies mesh settings, fixing texture space issues"

This reverts commit e7a514369fe700dcc5a1fe433c8f709ed9595ded, it introduces
a bug in selection in edit mode.

Fixes T70103: can't select extruded Vertex

Ref T64739
1 day and 2 hours ago
Fix build error in debug build on macOS

NDEBUG is the standard define, not DEBUG.
Revision ac15bf1 by Julian Eisel
1 day and 5 hours ago
UI: Avoid file browser directory change if path didn't change

E.g. entering the file path field and then pressing enter without any
change would call an unneccesary directory change, causing flickering.
So the main point of this is to avoid flickering.

Without this the text field could also be used to refresh the file list,
but for that we have a proper button.
Revision adfe68e by Julian Eisel
1 day and 8 hours ago
UI: Replace big options button in file browser

The big options button in the lower left is now gone, it's replaced by a
smaller icon toggle button in the upper right.
That means I could also remove code for the region we had just for this
I also added versioning code for the removal, to make sure the region is
removed cleanly when reading old files.
1 day and 8 hours ago
Fix T70109: Crash with the Data Transfer Modifier (with any 'Edge Data' option)

The BVHTree was erroneously marked as not cached.
Revision f0ec7c2 by Julian Eisel
1 day and 9 hours ago
UI: Use vertical file list for "Recover Auto Save"

Pablo and William agreed that the main purpose of the layout should be
to list files in a way that it's easy see which files were
created/modified when. Previously it was set to "Long List" to show the
modification time, now the vertical list is much better suited. The time
is shown anyway.
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