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1 hour 53 min ago
Fix T52959: Local view looses clip range on exit
2 hours 28 min ago
Fix T53074: Use the pybuffer->itemsize to get the corresponding GLtype

It seems that `typestr` does not always define the final size of the element. And it varies by operating system.

Then use the `typestr` only to know the itemtype is `float` type or not.
6 hours 22 min ago
Fix T53007: OpenSubdiv + transparency = artefact/crashes
6 hours 41 min ago
GPU: Report number of compressed texture formats to help nailing crahs down in the future
6 hours 42 min ago
GPU: Fix memory corruption in GPU_debug on GTX1080

Number of texture formats is 51, which is greater than allowed size of 32.
7 hours 36 min ago
Added alpha channel check to Alembic unit test

It was broken due to 823bcf1689a3dbd44dd77b2c8ea46b9b54073c46, which added
alpha information and thus changed tuple size from 3 to 4 items.
12 hours 19 min ago
WM: move gesture operator callbacks into own file

`wm_operators.c` is near 5k LOC with lots of mixed functionality,
extract gesture callbacks since they aren't closely related.
13 hours 45 min ago
Cleanup: use 'e' prefix for enum typedefs

Convention was only followed loosely,
apply to DNA where changes aren't likely to conflict.

(Skipped ModifierType for eg).
14 hours 55 min ago
WM: immediate line-gesture activation on tweak

Matches border-gesture behavior,
needed for binding bisect to tweak event.
15 hours 44 min ago
Knife Tool: add wait_for_event option
Revision 67e0a44 by Joshua Leung
1 day and 4 hours ago
Replace freeing checks with MEM_SAFE_FREE
1 day and 5 hours ago
WM: refactor gestures for use as tools

Border and circle select wait for input by default.
This commit uses bool properties on the operators instead of
magic number (called "gesture_mode").

Keymaps that define 'deselect' for border/circle select
begin immediately, exiting when on button release.
1 day and 5 hours ago
Fix T53054: Parentless bone + IK crashes
1 day and 10 hours ago
Cleanup: modal operator border callback names

Use same convention as all others.
Remove 'select' since these are used for zoom as well.
1 day and 10 hours ago
WM: store modal operator last-properties

Avoids modal operators needing to explicitly store them.
1 day and 11 hours ago
WM: Don't save mouse-paths to operator history

In preparation for modal operators storing their properties,
no need to keep mouse-paths around.

Also use generic function for lasso properties.
1 day and 12 hours ago
WM: remove hard-coded circle radius memory

Replace with operator type 'last_properties'.

Also use generic function for circle gesture properties.
1 day and 13 hours ago
Cleanup: rename gesture mode to is_active

Wasn't obvious what this did at a glance.
1 day and 13 hours ago
Cleanup: simplify lasso reallocation

Remove unneeded define, double allocations when increasing.
1 day and 13 hours ago
Event System: Prevent mouse motion in click events

Don't convert mouse button events to click if they include dragging.
Double-click events already checked for this.
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