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Revision 034dd0d by Peter Kim (xr-actions-D9124)
March 7, 2021, 12:40 (GMT)
XR: Move actions from keymaps to actionmaps

Previously, properties for XR actions were stored in keymaps but they
are now stored in a separate XR "actionmaps" system. Although the
actionmap system/API has many similarities to the keymaps, it is
significantly less complex since it does not involve any diff-ing of
default/addon/user configurations (at least at the moment).

Another big distinction between keymaps and actionmaps is that
actionmaps and properties are saved to blend files. This allows users
to set up a VR scene with actions and properties and share working
versions with others, without the need to import/export config files.
However, actionmap import/export is also supported via the addon.

There is still a fair amount of refactoring left to do but at least
this commit removes XR involvement from the keymaps while preserving
most of the existing XR action functionality (i.e. default actions
and user-configurable actions).

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 034dd0d702a49bbe156e363f521d5b434407d20f
Parent Commit: d8cf5e7
Lines Changed: +1363, -295

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