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Revision 14f2ae4 by Bastien Montagne (master)
December 9, 2015, 20:56 (GMT) fix (hopefully) broken OSL building on modern RPM-like distro.

Those stupid ones only have one version of llvm (obviously not 3.4 one ;) ), so we have to build again
LLVM3.4 in those cases. Thing is,
* I did not update LLVM magic number when fixed a stupid typo breaking OSL building (the terminfo thing),
so many people were still using previously-built LLVM.
* Even worse, options passed to OSL to specify own LLVM from /opt/lib were wrong (not sure when this got
out of sync...).

Thanks to mib2berlin and slikdigit for the report & testings!

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 14f2ae4bbc58f051db97ea96f78d39a6d7dae527
Parent Commit: c65cf86
Lines Changed: +2, -2

1 Modified Path:

/build_files/build_environment/ (+2, -2) (Diff)
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