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Revision 15766e1 by Johnny Matthews (master)
December 21, 2005, 21:37 (GMT)
Copy Shape Verts

In mesh editmode, while editing a shape, select some verts, W Key, "Copy Shape Verts". You will be presented with a list of shapes and once chosen, the selected verts will be moved to the position of the verts from the chosen shape. Most handy use would be reverting part of a shape back to basis e.g.

Making eyebrow shapes, add a key and model the eyebrow shape symetrically with the x-mirror tool
Go out of editmode, copy that shape
Go into each shape and revert 1 side to basis

If the mesh has had verts added/removed since last entering editmode, you need to TAB-TAB first before copying

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 15766e1612040c41ed66fe618af1d28ab3c6d1ec
SVN Revision: 6223
Parent Commit: dabd52f
Lines Changed: +87, -1

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