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Revision 1857aa3 by Julian Eisel (master)
October 10, 2019, 13:17 (GMT)
UI: Only hide locked transform manipulator axes for matching spaces

The manipulator would hide axes that were locked, even if the lock was
applied to a different space. That would lead to confusing behavior of
the manipulator. E.g.:
* Add armature
* Enter Pose Mode and select the bone
* Lock X and Y location in the Sidebar
* Enable the Move tool
* Only the Y axis is visible, but doesn't do anything on dragging
The manipulator would only show the Y axes, even though the lock is
applied to the bone's local Y axis, which matches the manipulators Z

Differential Revision: D6021

Reviewed by: Brecht van Lommel, William Reynish

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 1857aa32bd3bf6f48b3e1a24ad7576af5e06540a
Parent Commit: cf192bd
Lines Changed: +22, -10

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