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Revision 2e81f2c by Nicholas Rishel (master)
February 16, 2021, 07:06 (GMT)
Revert Wintab High Frequency Input.

This revert removes handling of cursor move and button press events
during Wintab's WT_PACKET event, instead storing pressure and tilt
information to be combined with Window's WM_MOUSEMOVE events.

This also reverts dynamic enabling and disabling of Wintab, dependent
on the chosen Tablet API. If the Tablet API is not explictly Windows
Ink during startup, Wintab is loaded and enabled.

Left in place is a fallback to Windows Ink when the Tablet API is set
to Automatic and no Wintab devices are present. This allows devices
with Wintab installed but not active to fallback to Windows Ink.

Using position provided by Wintab was found to have too many
regressions to include in Blender 2.93. The primary source of
regressions was tablets which mapped coordinates incorrectly on multi-
monitor and scaled displays. This resulted in an offset between what
the driver controlled Win32 cursor position and the Wintab reported
position. A special case of this included tablets set to mouse mode,
where Wintab reported absolute position while the system cursor moved
as a relative mouse with mouse acceleration.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 2e81f2c01abd21fdbc79625f3f7a0778103fa199
Parent Commit: c63df3b
Lines Changed: +241, -584

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