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Revision 3aab50f by Campbell Barton (master)
March 18, 2009, 22:22 (GMT)
* removed warnings and fixed some python refcount errors
* operator class names
- Changed 'name' to '__label__' (since __name__ is already used for the class name)
- Changed 'properties' to '__props__'

* added a PyObject_GetAttrStringArgs(), utility function which Id like to see in pythons C api.
PyObject_GetAttrStringArgs(pyob, "someattr", "foo", "bar") /* */

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 3aab50f775e4928d3ee525a999e2b4c995ae9ae4
SVN Revision: 19329
Parent Commit: 43d4e3f
Lines Changed: +105, -68

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