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Revision 3ffc2a8 by Dalai Felinto (master)
October 12, 2018, 20:44 (GMT)
Multi-Objects: POSE_OT_paths_*

* POSE_OT_paths_clear
* POSE_OT_paths_calculate
* POSE_OT_paths_update

Despite my personal opinion on the matter, those operators were listed
as to be converted (see T54650).

They are called from the UI, where you only see the parameters for the
active object/armature.

I will commit and revert soon after, so we can quickly bring it back
once we re-visit this design.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 3ffc2a8330fd1fdfdb8d8fb40a97ef3022e6e6b7
Parent Commit: 5bf1128
Lines Changed: +66, -33

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