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Revision 45d0e3d by Joshua Leung (PSketch)
November 21, 2015, 01:04 (GMT)
Pose Sketching: First working prototype of "Direct Mode"

This commit introduces a new tool which allows users to draw the shape that
a chain of bones should form, and have the bones be transformed to fit.

1) Select a chain of bones. You must select at least 2 bones, and they should
ideally be connected (or appear to be) for best results.
2) EKEY to invoke the operator
3) Draw a stroke (*)
4) Your rig should now be posed

(*) This operator uses Grease Pencil strokes to provide its sketch input.
Please ensure that strokes are drawn in 3D space (not view), and that
"Continous Drawing" is not enabled.

The currently implementation is still heavily WIP, and suffers from a number
of limitations. It is also just "simpler" of the two initial algorithms planned.
* It currently only sets the pose_mat values (and the pose_head/tail) values.
To keyframe any poses made this way, use "Visual Keying" or else the poses
won't hold.

* There is currently a bug where each subsequent attempt to pose the rig
will result in incorrect bone alignments. More work is required to figure
out why this occurs.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 45d0e3da51e2fb32ee87a90cce0efbef35decbb4
Parent Commit: d47fbec
Lines Changed: +536, -0

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