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Revision 4990883 by Sergey Sharybin (master)
January 4, 2013, 17:28 (GMT)
Optimization for speed regression in mipmap generation

Regression was caused by alpha premul cleanup commit and the reason
of slowdown was uchar <-> float conversion which is slow.

Replaced with uchar <-> int conversion which seeps to be accurate
enough and mostly eliminates slowdown.

Slowdown was easy to notice when movie clip is used for 3d vierport
background and undistortion is enabled. In this case every frame
will re-calculate mipmaps.

It's still a nit slower than mipmap generation before cleanup
commit, but couldn't think about extra boost here atm.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 499088366421d2a240721267f46bf5ca335e1ed4
SVN Revision: 53561
Parent Commit: 4190169
Lines Changed: +40, -10

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