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Revision 4e5d5b3 by Tuomo Keskitalo (master)
May 28, 2018, 21:45 (GMT)
COW operators: Fix VIEW3D_OT_view_all cursor not updating with shift+c center cursor

This differential fixes a bug for resetting view (shift+c).
Bug description: When 3D cursor is placed randomly somewhere, and shift+c is pressed,
the cursor is not shown to reset at world center.

Reviewers: sergey, aligorith, brita_

Reviewed By: brita_

Subscribers: brita_

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 4e5d5b3a9e592b374d2473db007114928eb0b4e8
Parent Commit: eb24913
Committed By: Ins Almeida
Lines Changed: +4, -0

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