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Revision 5f6c454 by Julian Eisel (master)
April 20, 2018, 15:14 (GMT)
UI: New Global Top-Bar (WIP)

== Main Features/Changes for Users

* Add horizontal bar at top of all non-temp windows, consisting out of two horizontal sub-bars.
* Upper sub-bar contains global menus (File, Render, etc.), tabs for workspaces and scene selector.
* Lower sub-bar contains object mode selector, screen-layout and render-layer selector. Later operator and/or tool settings will be placed here.
* Individual sections of the topbar are individually scrollable.
* Workspace tabs can be double- or ctrl-clicked for renaming and contain 'x' icon for deleting.
* Top-bar should scale nicely with DPI.
* The lower half of the top-bar can be hided by dragging the lower top-bar edge up. Better hiding options are planned (e.g. hide in fullscreen modes).
* Info editors at the top of the window and using the full window width with be replaced by the top-bar.
* In fullscreen modes, no more info editor is added on top, the top-bar replaces it.

== Technical Features/Changes

* Adds initial support for global areas

A global area is part of the window, not part of the regular screen-layout.
I've added a macro iterator to iterate over both, global and screen-layout level areas. When iterating over areas, from now on developers should always consider if they have to include global areas.
* Adds a TOPBAR editor type

The editor type is hidden in the UI editor type menu.
* Adds a variation of the ID template to display IDs as tab buttons (template_ID_tabs in BPY)
* Does various changes to RNA button creation code to improve their appearance in the horizontal top-bar.
* Adds support for dynamically sized regions. That is, regions that scale automatically to the layout bounds.

The code for this is currently a big hack (it's based on drawing the UI multiple times). This should definitely be improved.
* Adds a template for displaying operator properties optimized for the top-bar. This will probably change a lot still and is in fact disabled in code.

Since the final top-bar design depends a lot on other 2.8 designs (mainly tool-system and workspaces), we decided to not show the operator or tool settings in the top-bar for now. That means most of the lower sub-bar is empty for the time being.

NOTE: Top-bar or global area data is not written to files or SDNA. They are simply added to the window when opening Blender or reading a file. This allows us doing changes to the top-bar without having to care for compatibility.

== ToDo's

It's a bit hard to predict all the ToDo's here are the known main ones:
* Add options for the new active-tool system and for operator redo to the topbar.
* Automatically hide the top-bar in fullscreen modes.
* General visual polish.
* Top-bar drag & drop support (WIP in temp-tab_drag_drop).
* Improve dynamic regions (should also fix some layout glitches).
* Make internal terminology consistent.
* Enable topbar file writing once design is more advanced.
* Address TODO's and XXX's in code :)

Thanks @brecht for the review! And @sergey for the complaining ;)

Differential Revision: D2758

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 5f6c45498c92b91a710a1317f6d41f73fbe83477
Parent Commit: 4bfb6d2
Lines Changed: +2497, -593

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