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Revision 6031708 by Joshua Leung (animsys2)
November 26, 2008, 06:14 (GMT)
AnimSys2: Dopesheet now handles NLA-Scaling

* Added support for NLA scaling throughout most of the Dopesheet functions, although for a few it is still difficult to achieve. (Notably in column-select tools, but also Time-Slide tool)
--> 'Object' summaries still need some corrections to get the 'action' summaries they include to be scaled too...
* Improved the NLA-Editor's display of keyframes from scaled actions


* Also, bumped up subversion number to 3, as a few defaults were changed:
- Dopesheet is now default view (instead of Action Editor). I may review this again later, but it seems OK.
- Turned on transform-autosnapping for Action/IPO/NLA Editors by default and also for old files
- Tweaked Grease Pencil sensitivity settings again... they were still too crude, as could be seen from trouble people often had when making demo vids.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 6031708345dc7e7ab6f207d8f5a1f9fa82fedd47
SVN Revision: 17578
Parent Commit: df6c4b9
Lines Changed: +325, -169

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