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Revision 84d47e3 by Sergey Sharybin (master)
July 27, 2018, 15:19 (GMT)
Cycles: Initial implementation of detailed statistics

Gathers information about object geometry and textures. Very basic at
this moment, but need to start somewhere.

Things which needs to be included still:

- "Runtime" information, like BVH. While it is not directly controllable
by artists, it's still important to know.

- Device array sizes. Again, not under artists control, but is added to
the overall size.

- Memory peak at different synchronization stages.

At this point it simply prints info to the stdout after F12 is done,
need better control over that too.

Reviewers: brecht

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 84d47e3685c7ccfeaf2dd41ab64d1b642f157add
Parent Commit: 709b36e
Lines Changed: +287, -0

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