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Revision 8856a9c by Luca Bonavita (master)
March 2, 2012, 14:39 (GMT)
== Python API docs ==

- Works in macOSX now (hackish)
(TODO: not check for OSX explicitly but handle exception if it fails)

- We can now generate rst files outside out of the source (was annoying)
- Moved some vars at module level
- Managing the command line args with argparse.
Example usage:
./cmake/bin/blender -b -P ./blender/doc/python_api/ -- -o ./python_api

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 8856a9cbcd78387d6f9e30ede2cf4868f63d2634
SVN Revision: 44604
Parent Commit: 21280a6
Lines Changed: +119, -64

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