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Revision 9029690 by Julian Eisel (master)
April 16, 2020, 18:50 (GMT)
UI: Remove old hacks for dynamic scrollbar hiding

Although we still dynamically hide scrollbars, they don't change the
region size anymore. They are simply drawn on top of the region content.
Because of this, some hacks introduced by fa28e50ac2a7 are no longer
Without these hacks, the scrollbar visibility is evaluated much more
often (cheap operation) which should be more reliable and possibly solve
some glitches.

Also replaces integers passed as booleans.

Fixes T75782.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 9029690a5df8fc34dd8246a6d0104d2c9bd1102c
Parent Commit: b374fcc
Lines Changed: +27, -62

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