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Revision 95e0bea by Joseph Eagar (sculpt-dev)
October 14, 2021, 01:30 (GMT)
Sculpt: More BMLog fixes and cleanups

This commit rewrites much of the core BMLog
serialization logic.

BMLog originally did not support mesh
elements changing their internal topology,
which created ID conflicts in the log. Thus
it was impossible to use much of the BMesh API.
Instead DynTopo had its own implementations of
BM_edge_collapse and triangle edge splitting
that worked by recreating local mesh topology
from scratch.

I got rid of these functions a while ago and
tried to add support for elements changing
topology to BMLog. Unfortunatey I struggled to work
out all of the edge cases, and it turned out easier to
refactor the core serializer methods wholesale.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 95e0bea7bfdf33e3e5edd9d32f85c93431ac8bde
Parent Commit: b6442c3
Lines Changed: +684, -537

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