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Revision a5197f4 by Elia Sarti (master)
March 26, 2010, 18:15 (GMT)
Fix for [#21773] Cast Modifier cant use empties as centers

Based on the assumption that requiring object targets to be OB_EMPTY makes any other object compatible as a target. If the assumption is wrong can be reverted. Only the Cast modifier uses this at the moment and to me it looks like Cast only uses object transform so should be fine.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: a5197f4943a2c117a53b50ca12eba193d42663ea
SVN Revision: 27779
Parent Commit: 0912d84
Lines Changed: +2, -2

1 Modified Path:

/source/blender/makesrna/intern/rna_modifier.c (+2, -2) (Diff)
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