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Revision b0741e1 by Nathan Craddock (master)
September 10, 2020, 15:53 (GMT)
Outliner: Use right click target element for context menu

When opening the outliner context menu with multiple data types
selected, the menu did not show operators related to the target of the
cursor. For example, if a modifier and object are selected, a right
click on the modifier does not show the modifier options, rather it
shows the object context menu.

Now the data type of the right-click element is used to determine the
context menu to draw. For this to work properly the active element is
now set on right click.

Part of T77408

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Full Hash: b0741e1dcbc5e4549e95745b1f1b501f8cd33add
Parent Commit: e628e88
Lines Changed: +186, -223

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