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Revision c092cc3 by Demeter Dzadik (master)
November 9, 2021, 14:19 (GMT)
Expose BLI_string_flip_side_name as bpy.utils.flip_name

Expose a new function in `bpy.utils.flip_name(name, strip_number=False)
that allows flipping bone names, eg "Bone.L" -> "Bone.R".

Useful for add-ons to avoid re-implementing Blender's name flipping.

Ref D12322

Commit Details:

Full Hash: c092cc35b30fa121ff579f00bbaf8e2dc981a3f2
Parent Commit: accdd4c
Committed By: Campbell Barton
Lines Changed: +60, -0

2 Modified Paths:

/release/scripts/modules/bpy/utils/ (+2, -0) (Diff)
/source/blender/python/intern/bpy.c (+58, -0) (Diff)
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