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Revision c25e3a2 by Joshua Leung (PSketch)
November 22, 2015, 06:21 (GMT)
PSculpt: Initial port of the old Pose Sculpting codebase from 2012 to modern Blender

Pose Sculpting allows animators to pose rigs using a brush-based "sculpting"
paradigm. It has multiple similarities to the sculpting tools for meshes,
the particle editing tools, and the upcoming Grease Pencil stroke sculpting
features. In each of these cases, we are trying to make it easier and faster
to work, by allowing artists to seamlessly affect a whole bunch of points/items
at the same time by varying amounts.

Current Status:
* Use Q-LMB and Q-RMB to sculpt strokes. Unlike in the past, Pose Sculpting is
not a separate mode, but instead works more like Grease Pencil drawing, which is

* Settings for brushes can be found in the "Sculpt" tab of the toolbar

* All the brushes work as they did before. That includes the dodgy behaviour that
the "Draw" brush had (fixing this is a top priority!), and/or any other random
bugs that the others may have had. Also, all the brush strengths/etc. are left
as-is so far (to be tweaked... they are still too strong)

Commit Details:

Full Hash: c25e3a27e7d4f6b7af32f83d92cfb94de8442090
Parent Commit: 86ef1b6
Lines Changed: +1613, -5

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