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Revision d3e352a by Peter Kim (xr-actions-D9124)
November 22, 2020, 09:52 (GMT)
Keymap I/O: Add "exec" versions of import/export

The new "exec" functions are added for the sake of the VR Scene
Inspection add-on and do not affect the behavior of the existing
keymap I/O functions.

keyconfig_export_as_data_exec() enables exporting a specified keymap
instead of all user-modified keymaps. The VR add-on uses this to
selectively export the "XR Session" add-on keymap.

keyconfig_import_as_data_exec() enables adding keymap data to an
existing keyconfig instead of creating a new keyconfig. The VR add-on
uses this to add the "XR Session" keymap to the add-on keyconfig.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: d3e352a7ece07ce1ecb7dde2e6abf4d33991fc3e
Parent Commit: 4423ab7
Lines Changed: +46, -36

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