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Revision e2bae71 by Julian Eisel (layers)
November 22, 2016, 13:13 (GMT)

Using DNA_DEPRECATED resulted in thousands of warnings, so rather not use this. These warnings can still be handy though to check for usage of deprecated struct members as we go, so this quick way to toggle them could be handy. Note that this should eventually be replaced by DNA_DEPRECATED once stuff is actually deprecated.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: e2bae71afe0b214091341cf13bab25ed9b4923a8
Parent Commit: 17beb57
Lines Changed: +22, -9

4 Modified Paths:

/source/blender/makesdna/DNA_defs.h (+9, -0) (Diff)
/source/blender/makesdna/DNA_object_types.h (+2, -2) (Diff)
/source/blender/makesdna/DNA_scene_types.h (+7, -7) (Diff)
/source/blender/makesdna/intern/makesdna.c (+4, -0) (Diff)
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