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February 15, 2021, 18:05 (GMT)
macOS: use sse2neon to emulate SSE instructions with Arm Neon

* WITH_CPU_SSE was renamed to WITH_CPU_SIMD, and now covers both SSE and Neon.
* For macOS sse2neon.h is included as part of the precompiled libraries.
* Adding Linux support should be possible too, but the best way to handle this
library without official releases or availability in distributions is to be
decided still.

Ref T78710

Commit Details:

Full Hash: e48ecea0237a64f3f030c99e1a7b06056f7795b7
Parent Commit: 6ef435b
Lines Changed: +63, -31

6 Modified Paths:

/build_files/cmake/macros.cmake (+18, -4) (Diff)
/build_files/cmake/platform/platform_apple.cmake (+5, -2) (Diff)
/build_files/cmake/platform/platform_unix.cmake (+4, -0) (Diff)
/CMakeLists.txt (+26, -23) (Diff)
/intern/cycles/CMakeLists.txt (+1, -1) (Diff)
/source/blender/blenlib/BLI_simd.h (+9, -1) (Diff)
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