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Revision e499988 by Nils Thuerey (master)
December 3, 2005, 17:45 (GMT)
- fixed output behaviour (now behaves just like render output,
thus directories in the path are created using RE_make_existing_file
in fluidsim.c)
- changed default output to be '//fluidsimdata/...'
- hopefully fixed bugs #3466 and #3470 (orco texture coords caused
problems when the fluidsim mesh was bigger than the original one,
one no other deformations were used - new deformedVerts are now
allocated in this case in DerivedMesh.c)

Commit Details:

Full Hash: e49998807c56a37acde1e2019d4005fd6d673a3f
SVN Revision: 6008
Parent Commit: 5b9e85f
Lines Changed: +19, -3

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