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Revision e693918 by Sergey Sharybin (master)
May 16, 2019, 09:49 (GMT)
Dependency graph API changes

Main goal here is to make it obvious and predictable about
what is going on.

Summary of changes.

- Access to dependency graph is now only possible to a fully evaluated
graph. This is now done via context.evaluated_depsgraph_get().

The call will ensure both relations and datablocks are updated.

This way we don't allow access to some known bad state of the graph,
and also making explicit that getting update dependency graph is not

- Access to evaluated ID is now possible via id.evaluated_get().

It was already possible to get evaluated ID via dependency graph,
but that was a bit confusing why access to original is done via ID
and to evaluated via depsgraph.

If datablock is not covered by dependency graph it will be returned

- Similarly, request for original from an ID which is not evaluated
will return ID as-is.

- Removed scene.update().

This is very expensive to update all the view layers.

- Added depsgraph.update().

Now when temporary changes to objects are to be done, this is to
happen on original object and then dependency graph is to be

- Changed object.to_mesh() to behave the following way:

* When is used for original object modifiers are ignored.

For meshes this acts similar to mesh-copy, not very useful but
allows to keep code paths similar (i.e. for exporter which has
Apply Modifiers option it's only matter choosing between original
and evaluated object, the to_mesh() part can stay the same).

For curves this gives a mesh which is constructed from displist
without taking own modifiers and modifiers of bevel/taper objects
into account.

For metaballs this gives empty mesh.
Polygonization of metaball is not possible from a single object.

* When is used for evaluated object modifiers are always applied.

In fact, no evaluation is happening, the mesh is either copied
as-is, or constructed from current state of curve cache.

Arguments to apply modifiers and calculate original coordinates (ORCO,
aka undeformed coordinates) are removed. The ORCO is to be calculated
as part of dependency graph evaluation.

File used to regression-test (a packed Python script into .blend):


Patch to make addons tests to pass:


NOTE: I've included changes to FBX exporter, and those are addressing
report T63689.

NOTE: All the enabled-by-default addons are to be ported still, but
first want to have agreement on this part of changes.

NOTE: Also need to work on documentation for Python API, but, again,
better be done after having agreement on this work.

Reviewers: brecht, campbellbarton, mont29

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: e693918d40741b0839cea84d2e0c386cc262e0c3
Parent Commit: b679887
Lines Changed: +568, -383

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