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6 hours 46 min ago
Cleanup: unused includes
6 hours 54 min ago
Cleanup: menu example

remove some redundant checks, imports
Revision 8f66d68 by Mai Lavelle
14 hours 20 min ago
Cycles: Fix crashes after recent image changes

Not sure if this is a proper fix, but was getting frequent crashes, so
committing this real quick just to make master sable again. Can be
reverted later if there's a better fix. The changes to images really
need a closer look...
Revision d696363 by Thomas Beck
15 hours 29 min ago
Implementation of custom python entries in all right click menus

Hi Guys,

as one of my clients needs the possibility to have custom menu entries in the general right click menu (all over Blender: in the node editor, properties, toolbars,..) I talked with Campbell about expanding our hard coded menu a bit. This is the outcome. As I only need those two, I support currently a button_prop and a button_pointer.


I tested the changes with a custom script where I added a custom entry and executed an operator on click - it seems to work exactly how it's intended to. The script: {F540435}

As I'm not too experienced in rna stuff I would really appreciate any review.
Thanks very much Campbell for his open ears & help on this issue!

Reviewers: campbellbarton, mont29

Reviewed By: campbellbarton, mont29

Subscribers: sybren, mont29

Tags: #addons

Differential Revision:
19 hours 55 min ago
Fix T51324: Auto-Depth fails rotating out of camera
21 hours 28 min ago
Cycles: Use relative path for #line directives

This way moving Blender bundle around doesn't re-trigger kernels compilation.
22 hours 26 min ago
Libmv: Make ERROR a default printing severity
22 hours 27 min ago
Cycles: Correct comment after previous commit
22 hours 27 min ago
Cycles: Lower default severity level to ERROR
23 hours 40 min ago
Alembic: Construct ISampleSelector once and pass along
23 hours 40 min ago
Alembic: use object-oriented approach in ABC_read_mesh()

This is easier to extend than the if/else if/else chain that was in place,
and allows for somewhat more granular error messages.
23 hours 45 min ago
Fix T51331: fixes for Alembic unit tests on Windows
23 hours 53 min ago
Cycles: De-duplicate bit magic for decoding image options in OpenCL kernel
23 hours 59 min ago
Cycles: Simplify code around maximum OpenCL info size allocation
1 day and 0 hours ago
Cycles: Cleanup, de-duplicate image packing of various types
1 day and 0 hours ago
Cycles: Quick (real) fix for broken textures on OpenCL

Previous fix did not work for mixed textures. This one will over-allocate
information array, but it's better than not being able to render at all.

Some more cleanup and improvement is coming.
1 day and 0 hours ago
Revert "Cycles: Fix image textures were completely broken since recent unlimited textures commit"

This reverts commit 8f4166ee495531fa38b676b0a5ef4c482e89f9a5.

The fix was not correct for cases when we've got float textures.
1 day and 1 hour ago
Cycles: Cleanup, spelling and braces
1 day and 1 hour ago
Cycles: Fix image textures were completely broken since recent unlimited textures commit

The indexing was totally wrong in both image packing code and image sampling in kernel.

Fixes T51341: Cycles OpenCL corruption in todays buildbot
1 day and 1 hour ago
Cycles: Cleanup, always use braces for blocks
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