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1 hour 34 min ago
Fix T62815: Camera frame shift issue + stereo frame working

While I broke the non-stereo camera frame in rBf1fef41863b I came to
realize after further tests that the stereo camera frame was NEVER

It is now, regardless of the camera shift, the camera pivot, if you are
looking through the left, right or stereo eyes.

In the end all that was missing was to multiply the shift we needed to
offset the frame, by the frame width.

I also took the opportunity to perform some cleanup/refactor regarding
names. It was too confusing even for me.

Note: Non-uniformally scaled cameras still draw slightly wrong.
2 hours 50 min ago
Viewport Refactor: Move camera tracking reconstruction in own function

I'm going through my own messy stereo code, and came to realized that
this should be out in its own function a long time ago (as we have in 2.7x).
3 hours 45 min ago
Cleanup: fix compiler warning.
3 hours 45 min ago
Fix COLLADA build after recent changes.
3 hours 50 min ago
Silence false positive uninitialized warning

Techically we would never get to the part where we would use the
uninitialized value due to an assert.
3 hours 58 min ago
Merge branch 'blender2.7'

4 hours 6 min ago
MSVC: add C4115 and C4189 warnings.

This matches the warnings of the other compilers commonly used in Blender.
4 hours 18 min ago
Fix warning for uninitialized icon_only

Warning/issue introduced on rBcaa357dae70322e.
4 hours 26 min ago
Fix: VSE preview not showing stereo drawing (unreported)

SpaceSeq main stereo drawing is for ar->regiontype RGN_TYPE_PREVIEW, but
the drawing code was assuming RGN_TYPE_WINDOW was the only one to be
considered for all the regions.

SpaceSeq still needs stereo drawing in RGN_TYPE_WINDOW but only when
backdrop is enabled.

Bug introduced on rBe01cadd657c76267.
4 hours 38 min ago
Fix T58392 Texture limit size not working

It was removed by inadvertence.
4 hours 38 min ago
Fix T57617 Volumetrics doesn't work on the Orthographic Camera

common_data.view_vecs were not updated before use.
4 hours 38 min ago
GPU: Cleanup: Code Style
4 hours 38 min ago
Fix T60969 Eevee: Volumetrics broken with dupli objects

The volumeObjectMatrix uniform was referencing memory from the temp dupli
object. Create temp storage to store the matrix.
5 hours 22 min ago
Fix T59962, T60130: error adding image sequence with node wrangler.

The region should be restored correctly, there is already a similar test for
areas to be preserved.
6 hours 3 min ago
Merge branch 'blender2.7'
6 hours 5 min ago
Revert "Cleanup: remove legacy mesh save support"

Fixes T62793. Leave this in the blender2.7 branch for those that still rely
on it, but it will remain removed in master.
6 hours 10 min ago
Modifiers: add minimum number of vertices to triangulate modifier.

This lets you only triangulate n-gons when setting the number to 5 or more.

Differential Revision:
6 hours 51 min ago
Fix T62844: Cycles crash with bevel and degenerate geometry.
6 hours 51 min ago
UI: move stereo panel above output.

Otherwise clicking the stereo panel moves it.
7 hours 1 min ago
Silence warnings
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