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9 hours 12 min ago
Spreadsheet: add boilerplate code for new editor type

This adds the initial boilerplate code that is required to introduce
the new spreadsheet editor. The editor is still hidden from the ui.

It can be made visible by undoing the change in `rna_screen.c`.

This patch does not contain any business logic for the spreadsheet editor.

Differential Revision:

Ref T86279.
9 hours 48 min ago
Alembic: avoid red overwrite warning when opening a file

Pass `FILE_OPENFILE` instead of `FILE_SAVE` when selecting a file for
10 hours 16 min ago
File Browser: scroll selected files into view

Add operator `FILE_OT_view_selected` to the file browser (and thus also
to the asset browser) that scrolls selected files into view.

This includes the active file, even though it is not selected. In
certain cases the active file can loose its selected state (clicking
next to it, or refreshing the asset browser), but then it's still shown
in the right-hand sidebar. Because of this, I found it important to take
it into account when scrolling.

This also includes a change to the keymaps:
- Blender default: {key NUMPAD_PERIOD} is removed from the "reload"
operator, and assigned to the new "view selected files" operator. The
reload operator was already doubly bound, and now {key R} is the only
remaining hotkey for it.
- Industry compatible: {key F} is assigned to the new "view selected
files" operator. This is consistent with the other "view selected"
operators in other editors.

Reviewed By: Severin

Differential Revision:
10 hours 19 min ago
Fix T86347: Add Primitive Tool fails for 1x1x1 scale

The Tool stores desired dimensions as `scale` and thus had to half the
scale again in `make_prim_init()` because by default all primitives are
created at a size of 2 in blender.

This worked, but:
- [1] it logged something like size=2, scale=2,2,2 for a 2x2x2 cube
[which does not sound right, it should be size=2 scale=1,1,1]
- [2] it had to make an exception for the case scale is exactly 1x1x1
[this happens when the property is not set specifically, e.g. adding
primitives from the menu]
-- this exception led to double sized primitives being created when the
tool asked for exact dimensions of 1x1x1

Now - instead of compensating in `make_prim_init()` - do this earlier in
the tool itself, see `view3d_interactive_add_modal`, this fixes the bug
and now also correctly logs size=2 scale 0.5,0.5,0.5 for a 1x1x1 cube.

Maniphest Tasks: T86347

Differential Revision:
10 hours 28 min ago
UI: UVProject modifier: clarify aspect & scale are only for camera

Make this clear in property UI descriptions and deactivate aspect &
scale fields if no camera projectors are present.

ref T86268

Maniphest Tasks: T86268

Differential Revision:
10 hours 36 min ago
PyAPI: add bpy.types.BlendFile.temp_data for temporary library loading

This adds support for creating a `BlendFile` (internally called `Main`),
which is limited to a context.

Temporary data can now be created which can then use
`.libraries.load()` the same as with ``.

To prevent errors caused by mixing the temporary ID's with data in
`` they are tagged as temporary so they can't be assigned
to properties, however they can be passed as arguments to functions.

Reviewed By: mont29, sybren

Ref D10612
10 hours 41 min ago
readfile: add id_tag_extra argument

This allows adding ID tags when linking/loading data.

This is needed to implement loading non 'G.main' ID data-blocks,
see D10612.
10 hours 53 min ago
Fix T86384: Click detection fails in some cases with modifiers

Regression in b5d154f400e46ba322f0e08a231bb2557bf51a1e
10 hours 59 min ago
Fix T86106: bpy.types.SpaceView3D.draw_handler_remove(...) causes Blender to crash

The handle of a drawing callback can be removed within the drawing function itself.

This causes `var = (type)(((Link *)(var))->next` to read an invalid memory value in C.
11 hours 12 min ago
Fix error in unused argument cleanup

Bad keyword argument rename from
11 hours 31 min ago
Fix Cycles CUDA build error with Visual Studio 2019 v16.9

Something in this update broke the floor() function in CUDA, instead use
floorf() like we do everywhere else in the kernel code. Thanks to Ray
Molenkamp for identifying the solution.
11 hours 45 min ago
Fix T86210: No preview icons for non-8bit images

It looks like we never generated correct icon previews for images with
float_rects (non-8bit-images). Images from the report were 16bit pngs.

In this case, `icon_preview_startjob` would return early (it only
checked if the ImBuf `rect` was NULL -- which is the case if it has a
`rect_float` instead). This is not neccessary since `icon_copy_rect` is
perfectly capable of taking float rects.

Now correct the check and only return early if both `rect` & `rect_float`
are NULL.

note: this will not refresh icon previews from existing files
automatically. For this, use File > Data Previews > Clear Data-Block

Maniphest Tasks: T86210

Differential Revision:
11 hours 50 min ago
Fix T86373: crash picking colors in geometry nodesockets

Caused by {rB85421c4fab02}.

Above commit treated `SOCK_RGBA` and `SOCK_STRING` the same in
That would turn a RGBA button into a text button (for attribute search),
leading to trouble.
Note these were just treated the same prior to above commit because both
were doing the layout split.

Now just give RGBA sockets their own case.

Maniphest Tasks: T86373

Differential Revision:
11 hours 55 min ago
Cleanup: Change extension .cpp to .cc
12 hours 52 min ago
Revert "Fix modernize-raw-string-literal complaints from clang-tidy."

This reverts commit 7a34bd7c2886dfc812345c0b1649d63a9ee4666f.

Broke windows build. Can apparently fix with /Zc:preprocessor flag
for windows but need a Windows dev to make that fix.
13 hours 42 min ago
Cleanup: Removed duplicate slash in macOS SDK path

Cleanup although it's harmless.
14 hours 0 min ago
Geometry Nodes: support Vector Rotate node

Differential Revision:
14 hours 50 min ago
Particles: change default name to "ParticleSystem"

Since {rB7a6b46aac56b}, particle systems were named "ParticleSettings"
by default, same as particle settings themselves. These are not the same
thing and their names should reflect that.

Issue came up in T86366.

Now name them "ParticleSystem" by default, name uniqueness is preserved
for both system and settings.

Maniphest Tasks: T86366

Differential Revision:
16 hours 45 min ago
Cleanup: Remove unused variable.
16 hours 50 min ago
Fix T86026: Crash Opening Cryptomatte File.

But this time the root cause. Writing undo files is done in a separate
thread. This patch moved the updating of the matte_id when the user
actually changes the matte.
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