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First Commit : June 8, 2021
Latest Commit : June 10, 2021

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June 10, 20212
June 9, 20215
June 8, 20212


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Hans Goudey9

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June 10, 2021, 14:42 (GMT)
Change default to "Count", divide radius by 10
June 10, 2021, 14:14 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into geometry-nodes-curve-to-points-node
June 9, 2021, 20:15 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into geometry-nodes-curve-to-points-node
June 9, 2021, 17:32 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into geometry-nodes-curve-to-points-node
June 9, 2021, 13:54 (GMT)
Check for size==0, reduce duplication
June 9, 2021, 13:42 (GMT)
Add comment
June 9, 2021, 13:40 (GMT)
Merge branch 'master' into geometry-nodes-curve-to-points-node
June 8, 2021, 22:51 (GMT)
Fix RNA struct type
June 8, 2021, 22:32 (GMT)
Geometry Nodes: Curve to Points Node

This node implements the second option of T87429, creating points
along the input splines with the necessary evaluated information
for instancing: `tangent`, `normal`, and `rotation` attributes.
All generic curve point and spline attributes are copied to the
result points as well.

I'm actually quite happy with the implementation right now. It's
readable enough and there isn't too much boilerplate code. The thing
I expect could use improvement is that there is a lot of temporary
memory allocation. Sharing a buffer for each thread would be a nice
improvement in the future.

The patch currently includes some refactoring of the curve resample
node with some newly abstracted functions. I may commit that separately.
The "Evaluated" mode for the resample node will be a separate commit.

Differential Revision:

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