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"Soc-2019-npr" branch

Total commits : 4 372
Total committers : 20
First Commit : March 3, 2017
Latest Commit : July 17, 2019 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
July, 2019188
June, 2019164
May, 201981
April, 201957
March, 201975
February, 201938
January, 2019106
December, 2018192
November, 201871
October, 201814
September, 201830
August, 2018133
July, 2018369
June, 2018311
May, 2018310
April, 2018147
March, 2018193
February, 2018213
January, 2018190
December, 2017180
November, 2017205
October, 2017139
September, 201779
August, 2017147
July, 2017169
June, 2017178
May, 201797
April, 201773
March, 2017223


AuthorNumber of Commits
Antonio Vazquez3 181
Joshua Leung401
Nick Wu233
Sebastian Parborg71
Charlie Jolly67
Campbell Barton55
Dalai Felinto38
Sergey Sharybin9
Bastien Montagne7
Clément Foucault5
Philipp Oeser3
Brecht Van Lommel2
Pablo Vazquez2
Bill Currie1
Julian Eisel1
Lukas Stockner1
Lukas W1

Popular Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Latest commits Feed

1 hour 36 min ago
GPencil: Allow widng curve when normalize on in thickness modifier.
1 hour 50 min ago
LANPR: Generate 100px wide original stroke for GPencil.
14 hours 14 min ago
Fix MSVC type error.
16 hours 6 min ago
LANPR: Stop splitting chains in CPU mode.
16 hours 34 min ago
LANPR: Auto update GPencil when in other engines.
17 hours 20 min ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/greasepencil-object' into soc-2019-npr
17 hours 21 min ago
LANPR: GPU mode batch refresh method changes.
17 hours 45 min ago
GPencil: Cleanup MSVSC warnings
18 hours 42 min ago
Merge branch 'master' into greasepencil-object
18 hours 43 min ago
GPencil: Improve curve conversion when end points are very near

When the distance between first and last point of the curve was very small, there was a glitch in the join. Now the points are moved slightly to get good result.
19 hours 25 min ago
GPencil: Improve Close stroke function for very small gaps

When the gap is very small, don't need to add new points to the stroke, just cyclic.
19 hours 56 min ago
GPencil: Create one stroke for each spline

For curves with several splines, must create a stroke for each of them or the shape would be wrong.
1 day and 13 hours ago
Merge branch 'master' into greasepencil-object
1 day and 14 hours ago
LANPR: Moved GPU batches to lanpr_share.
1 day and 15 hours ago
LANPR: Fixing memeory leaking in GPU mode.
1 day and 19 hours ago
Cleanup: Make format
1 day and 19 hours ago
Cleanup: ED Declareations move into ED_lanpr.h
1 day and 20 hours ago
Cleanup: Redundant defines.
1 day and 20 hours ago
Math: Double version of interpolate functions.
1 day and 20 hours ago
Cleanup: Removed utility files.

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