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Aaron Carlisle (Blendify)

Total Commits : 43
Master Commits : 42
Branch Commits : 1
First Commit : February 9, 2016
Latest Commit : February 22, 2017 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
February, 201711
January, 201717
December, 20163
November, 20161
October, 20166
September, 20160
August, 20162
July, 20160
June, 20160
May, 20161
April, 20160
March, 20160
February, 20162

Commit Distribution

PathNumber of Commits

Favourite Files

FilenameTotal Edits

File Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added60214.0
Lines Removed57213.3

Latest commits Feed

Revision 99947e2 by Aaron Carlisle (master)
5 hours 37 min ago
Use new api doc links

Differential Revision:
Revision 34a502c by Aaron Carlisle (master)
1 day and 20 hours ago
Cleanup: use proper link to the api
Revision 7819d36 by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 16, 2017, 22:08 (GMT)
Make File: Print 'blender.exe' at the end of the path to run from
Revision 99a6bbf by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 16, 2017, 22:06 (GMT)
Cleanup: Spelling, Spaces --> Tabs, Whitespace
Revision 21eae86 by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 16, 2017, 17:02 (GMT)
UI: Move 'relations extras' right below 'relations'

Differential Revision:
Revision 384b7e1 by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 15, 2017, 04:48 (GMT)
UI: Wireframe modifier- make crease grayed out when disabled
Revision 1ac6e4c by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 11, 2017, 16:35 (GMT)
UI: Redesign the VSE multicam strip

Idea from by @pauloup

|Before |After|

Test file:
Revision 38155c7 by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 9, 2017, 21:25 (GMT)
Do not overide text
Revision bb1367c by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 9, 2017, 21:18 (GMT)
Fix T50629 -- Add remove doubles to the cleanup menu

Also move it up in the verticies menu
Revision e523cde by Aaron Carlisle (master)
February 9, 2017, 14:26 (GMT)
Cleanup: Remove commented code

Code has been commented from before 2010 and relates to old Background image code.

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