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Hans Goudey (HooglyBoogly)

Total Commits : 814
Master Commits : 242
Branch Commits : 572
First Commit : May 15, 2019
Latest Commit : September 20, 2020 (Today)

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
September, 2020137
August, 202090
July, 202090
June, 202096
May, 202078
April, 2020154
March, 202016
February, 20201
January, 20206
December, 20191
November, 201913
October, 201911
September, 20198
August, 201934
July, 201931
June, 201942
May, 20196

Commit Distribution

PathNumber of Commits

Favourite Files

FilenameTotal Edits

File Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Modified2 7753.4

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added30 61554.6
Lines Removed22 55040.2

Latest commits Feed

Revision 84653f0 by Hans Goudey (master)
10 hours 50 min ago
UI: Gray out fade inactive geometry overlay slider when off

The slider should be inactive when the setting is turned off like
the wireframe slider.
Revision 7d2a67f by Hans Goudey (master)
11 hours 23 min ago
Cleanup: Fix clang tidy inconsistent parameter warning
Revision 1d5b191 by Hans Goudey (master)
11 hours 49 min ago
UI: Always set curve fill mode inactive for object bevel type

The bevel type is a more useful check for graying out this property
because its effects will be apparent before choosing an object. Before,
the fill type property would only gray out with a bevel object selected.
Revision 4115229 by Hans Goudey (master)
17 hours 38 min ago
Cleanup: Use shorthand variables

We don't use the other variables in the sorting struct,
so we might as well use the panels directly.
Revision a0a536b by Hans Goudey (master)
1 day and 17 hours ago
Property Search: Don't set expansion for panels in inactive tabs

The search should check if a panel is active before changing its
expansion, otherwise it sets the expansion for all of the region's
panels, even invisible ones in other tabs.
Revision f17302b by Hans Goudey (master)
1 day and 18 hours ago
UI: Remove colons in property names
Revision 05c57dc by Hans Goudey (master)
1 day and 19 hours ago
UI: Use property split in UV editor panels

This is not an exhaustive change, just for the 2D cursor and
UDIM grid properties. Also vertically align the "UV Vertex"
buttons like in the 3D view panels.
Revision a6a0cbc by Hans Goudey (master)
1 day and 20 hours ago
Curves: Allow caps for all geometry types

I think this wasn't allowed before because the section of a curve was
built in multiple parts. But since rBe34d3e32dda7, the whole slice
of a curve is built in one piece, so we can easily support curve
caps for all geometry types, including the new custom profile option.

Note that this also allows "caps" when the fill type is not full.
They could easily be disabled by checking for "Full" fill type
if that was preferred in the future.

See the patch for images.

Differential Revision:
Revision 6303cb7 by Hans Goudey (master)
September 18, 2020, 14:32 (GMT)
Fix 80909: Switching to profile bevel can explode Curve geometry

We need to make sure the CurveProfile is initialized with the proper
number of segments when switching to profile bevel mode.
Revision 14b2de3 by Hans Goudey (master)
September 18, 2020, 04:15 (GMT)
UI: Refactor panel alignment function

This code had grown overly complicated and hard to understand.
The improvements in this commit:
- Avoid allocating a duplicate of every active panel.
- Instead of complicated logic to calculate each panel's offset,
just keep track of the current offset while iterating through.
- More readable code structure, better comments.

Note that calcuting the X offset here is a relic from pre-2.5 when
panels could be aligned horizontally. I kept this in, but it would
be reasonable to remove it in the future.

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