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Krzysztof Re?ko (chrisr)

Total Commits : 2
Master Commits : 2
Branch Commits : 0
First Commit : April 7, 2015
Latest Commit : May 3, 2015

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DateNumber of Commits
May, 20151
April, 20151

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Lines Added1919.0
Lines Removed55.0

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Revision dced56f by Krzysztof Re?ko / Brecht Van Lommel (master)
May 3, 2015, 14:21 (GMT)
Fix T44185, Fix T44090: hair texture density working unreliable.

"Unexisting" particles must be freed after the unexist flag has been set,
which was no longer the case after 78c491e62a5.

Reviewers: brecht

Differential Revision:
Revision 98f4106 by Krzysztof Re?ko / Campbell Barton (master)
April 7, 2015, 03:19 (GMT)
Metaball tessellation optimization (Octree to BVH)

Speedup is non-linear, 2x-10x faster is quite normal.
Patch T43678.

- Switched from an Octree to BVH.
- Finding first points of surface no longer "wastes" density function evaluation: every result is cached.
- Use MemArena instead of using own memory management.
- Correct calculation of metaelem bounding box.
- Remove mball_count(): mballs are now counted "on the go".

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