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Roland Hess (harkyman)

Total Commits : 37
Master Commits : 37
Branch Commits : 0
First Commit : August 30, 2006
Latest Commit : March 16, 2010

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March, 20102
February, 20100
January, 20100
December, 20092
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February, 20071
January, 20070
December, 20062
November, 20060
October, 20060
September, 20063
August, 20062

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Lines Added2 22663.6
Lines Removed50414.4

Latest commits Feed

Revision bcca4e6 by Roland Hess (master)
March 16, 2010, 18:34 (GMT)
Daniel Lara pointed out that adding a Maintain Volume constraint via 3D view hotkey automatically added an Empty for Target. This should not have been.
Revision d617294 by Roland Hess (master)
March 16, 2010, 12:55 (GMT)
New "Maintain Volume" constraint. When attached to a bone, you specify a "free" axis. Upon scaling, this free axis scales normally, but the constraint forces the other two axes to adjust themselves appropriately so that overall bone volume is maintained. So, setting "Y" as the free axis (the default) creates a bone that automatically squashes and stretches when scaling. Thanks to Aligorith, Fweeb, Cessen and others for the feedback.
Revision 6d59a84 by Roland Hess (master)
December 14, 2009, 23:19 (GMT)
Patch [19862]: Properly map UV Project from View with camera object.
Previously, calling Project from View for UVs when viewing through a camera produced bad results. You had to scale and stretch the resulting UVs, never resulting in a true "from view" with a camera. Now, what you get in the UV editor is what you saw through the camera.
Revision 921d4b8 by Roland Hess (master)
December 14, 2009, 03:01 (GMT)
Applies Patch 20200
Shuffle IK Restriction and iTaSC parameter panels into more fitting context.
Revision c6b4c27 by Roland Hess (master)
November 28, 2009, 03:45 (GMT)
Head/Tail property was never added for Track To and Stretch To constraint types. Added to RNA and changed UI check.
Revision d594320 by Roland Hess (master)
November 24, 2009, 00:56 (GMT)
RNA update -- added RNA and functions for dealing with the clone UV layer for projection painting. This is just the guts -- someone smart can hook up the UI.
Revision 86f02c1 by Roland Hess (master)
November 20, 2009, 19:18 (GMT)
RNA doc update. the "no_zbuf" flag in Defocus node was incorrectly doc'ed as "Use Zbuffer" when it really should be "Ignore Zbuffer".
Revision e29a70e by Roland Hess (master)
November 10, 2009, 19:54 (GMT)
Add Sticky was essentially a blank operator. Possibly context functions weren't around for this one when it was first looked at. Re-attached so it works now.
Revision 6dd96fc by Roland Hess (master)
November 9, 2009, 19:20 (GMT)
Update of older commit (23102) from Bob Holcomb -- fix for Darken mode blending was only in place for nodes, not for general texture blending. This updates texture blending to reflect the fix. Now results don't trend toward black on Darken anymore as factor approaches 0.
Revision 1525ed4 by Roland Hess (master)
October 1, 2009, 16:37 (GMT)
Brought back mousewheel multicut to Ctrl-R loopcut tool that was recently added. Tweak still doesn't work for the loopcut op, but it didn't before, so at least we're advancing.

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