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Nils Thuerey (n_t)

Total Commits : 55
Master Commits : 55
Branch Commits : 0
First Commit : September 21, 2005
Latest Commit : April 8, 2008

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Revision 006d4d1 by Nils Thuerey (master)
April 8, 2008, 16:56 (GMT)
This version now includes the fluid control sources, however the Blender
interface for it is still missing. Right now there is only a simple hard coded
example, that moves a single control particle with strong attraction
and velocity forces through the domain.

I added more detailed information about the control code to the wiki ,
together with some thoughts on how a Blender integration could be done.

Revision 7dc1250 by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 24, 2007, 17:10 (GMT)
- forgot to include a file in the last commit

Revision 818bfcc by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 21, 2007, 22:12 (GMT)

- Added OpenMP code, it is enabled by defining PARALLEL=1 for the elbeem
compilation. Currently, it is not yet active by default, but
Genscher wanted to do some tests.
It can be used to distribute the computation load onto multiple shared-
memory CPUs by splitting the domain along the y-axis (assuming a
gravity force along z). However, there is no load balancing: so
if there's fluid only in one of the y-axis halves you will not get
a speedup for 2 CPUs.

- Added a fix for the memory allocation bugs #7120 and #6775. In
solver_init.cpp there are now several variables max___MemChunk
(line 692+), that set upper limits for various systems. The same
problem existed for mac & linux, but the limit is higher, so
it probably went by undetected. The windows limit is currently 1GB,
if the strange 700MB limit problems mentioned in the bug regports the
bugs persist, this could be further reduced. For 64bit compilations
this problem shouldn't exist anyway.
What's still missing is a display of how much the resolution was
reduced to fit into memory...

- And some minor solver code cleanup.

Revision d0bd8de by Nils Thuerey (master)
April 3, 2007, 19:56 (GMT)
Fixed bug #6068 (fluids & separate vertices)
* Also reset the fluidsimFlag to zero.
The fluidsim settings are now disabled before duplicating the mesh
for separate_mesh and separate_mesh_loose.
Revision f1b74d0 by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 29, 2006, 19:28 (GMT)
- fixed particle generation bug tracked down by mpan3&gimble,
- removed warnings in attributes.cpp,
- and a first Klockwork bug fix: removed NULL returns in ntl_ray.h,
several other issues mentioned in the Klockwork report
are either hard to fix or not really errors...
Revision 8b77d42 by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 5, 2006, 21:51 (GMT)
- some more minor fixes, this time for MSVC
Revision 0d64b4a by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 5, 2006, 19:44 (GMT)
- removed debug ouput for particle loading
Revision 59ef29a by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 5, 2006, 18:11 (GMT)
- another solaris math function fix
Revision c8411cf by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 5, 2006, 17:28 (GMT)
- a minor fix for solaris (problems with round&pow)
Revision 3bea663 by Nils Thuerey (master)
November 5, 2006, 16:30 (GMT)
- bugfixes
#4742 exported normals are now correct
#4821 & 4956 for complex movements in/outflows can now also
use the animated mesh option
- new features
* isosurface subdivision: directly
creates a finer surface mesh from the simulation data.
this increases simulation time and harddisk usage, though, so
be careful - usually values of 2-4 should be enough.
* fluidsim particles: extended model for particle
simulation and generation. When isosurface subdivision is enabled,
the particles are now included in the surface generation,
giving a better impression of a single connected surface.
Note - the particles are only included in the final surface
mesh, so the preview surface shows none of the particle
* particle loading: different types of particles can now be selected for
display: drops, floats and tracers. This is a bit obsolete
due to the extensions mentioned above, but might still be useful.
Floats are just particles floating on the fluid surface, could
be used for e.g. foam.
* moving objects impact factor: this is another tweaking option,
as the handling of moving objects is still not conserving
mass. setting this to zero simply deletes the fluid, 1 is
the default, while larger values cause a stronger
impact. For tweaking the simulation: if fluid disappears, try
increasing this value, and if too much is appearing reduce it.
You can even use negative values for some strange results :)
- more code cleanup, e.g. removed config file writing in fluidsim.c,
added additional safety checks for particles & fluidsim domains (these
currently dont work together). I also removed the "build particles"
debug message in effects.c (seemed to be unnecessary?).

Some more info on the new features:
Here are two test animations showing the difference between
using the particle generation with isosurface subdivision.
This is how it would look with the old solver version:
and this with the new one:
Both simulations use a resolution of 64, however, the version with particles
takes significantly longer (almost twice as long).
The .blend file for a similar setup can be found here:
(Minor Tips for this file: dont enable subdivions of characters until rendering,
thus leave off for simulation, as it uses the rendering settings! For making
nice pictures switch on subdivion, and OSA.)

And here's a picture of old vs. new (for webpage or so):

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