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Pablo Dobarro (pablodp606)

Total Commits : 41
Master Commits : 1
Branch Commits : 40
First Commit : January 23, 2019
Latest Commit : April 16, 2019

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
April, 201919
March, 201921
February, 20190
January, 20191

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Code Changes

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Lines Added3 39191.6
Lines Removed37210.1

Latest commits Feed

Revision 0d35017 by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
1 day and 20 hours ago
Fix build with QEX disabled
Revision 5386699 by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
1 day and 20 hours ago
Merge branch 'sculpt-mode-features' of into sculpt-mode-features
Revision d6acac5 by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
1 day and 20 hours ago
Automasking: Open edges automasking and refactor

This new version should allow us to stack multiple automasking
operations in one brush. The UI still needs to be done for supporting

This is still a binary mask, it does not have falloff, but now the code
was done with that in mind.
Revision 73da0bd by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 12, 2019, 14:49 (GMT)
Voxel remesher: Reproject mask option
Revision 51582bf by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 11, 2019, 22:35 (GMT)
Sculpt mode: Grow and shrink mask filters
Revision 4cd1941 by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 11, 2019, 13:18 (GMT)
Mesh Filter tool: Initial implementation

This tool applies a deformation to all vertices in the sculpt taking the
mask into account. It is useful for creating surface detail or hard
surface sculpts. It is also the base for the implementation of the
transform tool.

- The smooth filter needs multiple iterations. Right now it only applies
one iteration per tool action, so it is unusable in most cases. I don't
know if adding this is possible with the current smooth code while
supporting real-time preview.
- I'm not sure if it is properly integrated with the tool system and the
keymap (probably not).
- Only works with mesh, no dyntopo or multires.
- It still needs to ignore nodes with all vertices fully masked. Adding
this basic optimization will increase performance a lot when working
with high-resolution meshes.
- Previewing the deformation in real time is not the best option for
performance, I could add an operator that applies the filter without
Revision d050bad by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 9, 2019, 23:25 (GMT)
Fix naming
Revision a171332 by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 8, 2019, 23:18 (GMT)
Sculpt vertex colors: Color fill operator
Revision c3c265a by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 8, 2019, 22:14 (GMT)
Sculpt mode: Mask filter operator

It includes blur and sharpen mask filters. It is not enabled for multires
Revision deaa664 by Pablo Dobarro (sculpt-mode-features)
April 8, 2019, 00:25 (GMT)
OpenVDB: Replace dilate and erode with offset on level set

Dilate and erode filters are now working

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