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Blender Git Commits In 2019

Total commits : 5 331
Average commits per day : 38.6

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
May, 2019651
April, 2019654
March, 20191092
February, 2019788
January, 2019856

Popular Trunk Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Changed Filepaths

ActionTotalPer Commit
Modified37 3969.3

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added135 17134.9
Lines Removed98 22525.3


AuthorNumber of Commits
Campbell Barton1 229
Brecht Van Lommel498
Sergey Sharybin374
Clément Foucault354
Bastien Montagne284
Antonio Vazquez218
William Reynish190
Dalai Felinto120
Jacques Lucke108
Jeroen Bakker73
Philipp Oeser72
Alexander Gavrilov63
Germano Cavalcante52
Pablo Vazquez50
William Reynish47
Harley Acheson33
Sebastian Parborg33
Howard Trickey28
Richard Antalik23
Sybren A. Stüvel18
Lukas Stockner11
George Vogiatzis9
Stefan Werner9
Gaia Clary8
Joshua Leung8
Joerg Mueller7
Julian Eisel7
Luca Rood6
Charlie Jolly5
Miguel Porces4
Alex Fuller3
Christopher Peerman3
gsr b3d3
Pablo Dobarro3
Robert Guetzkow3
Vaishnav S3
Alexander Court2
Arto Kitula2
Joep Peters2
Nathan Craddock2
Scott Spadea2
Sebastian Koenig2
Alessio Monti di Sopra1
Andrew Williams1
Anton Stötzer1
Benjamin Meyer1
Benjamin Schmithüsen1
Bruno Boaventura Scholl1
Carlo Andreacchio1
Damien Picard1
Francesco Siddi1
Hans Goudey1
Ish Bosamiya1
Jakub Steiner1
Jean Da Costa1
jens verwiebe1
Joel Godin1
John Quillan1
Jose C. Rubio1
Justin Jones1
?ukasz Kwoska1
Martin Felke1
Maruf Sarker1
Mikhail Rachinskiy1
Sharan Ranjit1
Simon Budig1
Stephen Hassard1
Tim Stullich1
Tomoaki Kawada1
Trevor Glauz1
Valentin Fuhrer1
Victor Seiji Hariki1

Latest commits

8 minutes ago
Added support structure for material controlled line style.

Also with a primitive UI.
1 hour 49 min ago
Cleanup: use wm prefix for GenericCallback

Without this it's not clear what kinds of data this deals with.
1 hour 55 min ago
Cleanup: rename BLI_appdir_fonts_* -> font

Plural name doesn't fit with textures, sounds & other paths
that may be added.

Also quiet unused warning.
6 hours 36 min ago
UI: Remove Hover Highlight When Outliner Loses Focus

This patch removes the hover highlight that can sometimes remain after moving out of the Outliner space

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Brecht Van Lommel
7 hours 5 min ago
UI: Default Directory for Windows Fonts

This patch gives new Windows users a better default preference for fonts folder

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Campbell Barton and Brecht Van Lommel
13 hours 32 min ago
Industry Compat keymap: Switch mode order to Vert, Edge, Face, Object

Due to popular demand, this switches the number key mode order, so that it goes:

1: vert, 2: edge, 3: face, 4: object, 5: sculpt and so on

This has a number of downsides in practice, because it works less well for objects other than meshes, which now have a gap in the keymap between 1 and 4. I will try this change anyway, due to popular demand.

Also use V for viewport pie, which makes it easier to switch viewpoints on laptops especially.
Revision db3f3d4 by LazyDodo (master)
14 hours 11 min ago
make.bat: Add option to only update sources from git.

SVN takes a long time to sync even if there are no updates,
the `code_update` parameter gives the option opt out of the
SVN updates.

This is a developer option, people just wanting to build
blender and not do any development are highly recommended
to keep using the `update` method.
15 hours 19 min ago
Edit Mesh Selection Drawing: Make sure the state of point size is enabled.
16 hours 47 min ago
Fix T54686: objects don't occlude each other for edit-mesh select (part 2)

The previous fix 8a6414ed46f66, resolved selection picking but didn't
work for box/circle/lasso select.

- Add ED_select_buffer_utils.h for general select-buffer operations
unrelated to edit-mesh.

- Circle select still needs to cache select-id's for each update.
16 hours 49 min ago
Cleanup: remove unused argument

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