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Blender Git Commits In 2019

Total commits : 3 238
Average commits per day : 40.0

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
March, 2019886
February, 2019788
January, 2019856

Popular Trunk Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Changed Filepaths

ActionTotalPer Commit
Modified24 9359.9

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added80 09633.2
Lines Removed56 36723.3


AuthorNumber of Commits
Campbell Barton837
Brecht Van Lommel306
Sergey Sharybin251
Bastien Montagne204
Clément Foucault164
Antonio Vazquez150
William Reynish98
Dalai Felinto89
Jacques Lucke61
William Reynish38
Philipp Oeser38
Jeroen Bakker36
Pablo Vazquez29
Germano Cavalcante28
Howard Trickey21
Sebastian Parborg17
Richard Antalik16
Harley Acheson15
Sybren A. Stüvel12
Lukas Stockner9
Stefan Werner9
Alexander Gavrilov8
Gaia Clary8
Joshua Leung8
Luca Rood6
Julian Eisel5
Charlie Jolly3
gsr b3d3
Joerg Mueller3
Miguel Porces3
Vaishnav S3
Alex Fuller2
Arto Kitula2
Christopher Peerman2
Joep Peters2
Scott Spadea2
Alexander Court1
Andrew Williams1
Anton Stötzer1
Francesco Siddi1
Ish Bosamiya1
Jakub Steiner1
Jean Da Costa1
jens verwiebe1
Joel Godin1
John Quillan1
Jose C. Rubio1
Justin Jones1
?ukasz Kwoska1
Mikhail Rachinskiy1
Pablo Dobarro1
Robert Guetzkow1
Sebastian Koenig1
Trevor Glauz1
Valentin Fuhrer1

Latest commits

41 minutes ago
Cleanup: redundant NULL initialization
45 minutes ago
Cleanup: use shader config for worldspace clipping lib
54 minutes ago
UI: support Ctrl-C copy for popover buttons

Match menu logic that sets the Python expression to call the popover.
1 hour 53 min ago
GPU: State: Replace GL_LINE_SMOOTH by GPU_line_smooth
2 hours 0 min ago
GPU: State: Disable polygon smooth and line smooth when running --debug-gpu

This might prove usefull when debugging some driver perf issues.
2 hours 3 min ago
GPU: Replace glEnable/glDisable but GPU_state calls
2 hours 4 min ago
GPU: Remove unused and deprecated GPU_line_stipple()
3 hours 1 min ago
Fix T62884 Missing control point in unselected mask handles

The fix is a bit dirty. Force alpha 1.0 for these colors by using
immUniformThemeColorShadeAlpha with 255 as alpha_offset.
3 hours 33 min ago
Fix T62869 Transparent background not working in Xray Mode / Wireframe

This was due to the forward part of the engine not supporting rendered
alpha channel.
6 hours 16 min ago
Fix T62873 GPUShader: compile error (when clipping in viewport)

Props to @matc for the fix

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