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Blender Git Commits In 2021

Total commits : 842
Average commits per day : 40.1

Commits by Month

DateNumber of Commits
January, 2021538

Popular Trunk Files

FilenameTotal Edits

Changed Filepaths

ActionTotalPer Commit
Modified1 3832.6

Code Changes

ActionTotalPer Commit
Lines Added15 38234.0
Lines Removed8 18318.1

Latest commits

22 hours 3 min ago
Cleanup and improve comments
22 hours 13 min ago
Remove special handling of normals from point distribution
22 hours 57 min ago
Refactor the "normal" attribute reading and writing
1 day and 1 hour ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.92-release'
1 day and 1 hour ago
Cleanup: remove unused render camera code
1 day and 1 hour ago
Fix vertex color baking using wrong color space

Now light baking should match the render.
1 day and 1 hour ago
Fix T84745: more build errors with TBB 2021

* tbb::blocked_range moved to a different namespace and since the fix is
non-trivial, remove some unused code that used this.
* Task group priorities are no longer supported. It's unclear if they are
useful at all right now and even set correctly, for now all tasks are equal
priority with TBB 2021.
1 day and 2 hours ago
Merge branch 'master' into temp-geometry-nodes-normal-attribute
Revision e91b59b by Hans Goudey (master)
1 day and 2 hours ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.92-release'
Revision e845467 by Hans Goudey (master)
1 day and 3 hours ago
Fix: Mouse presses in some areas do not set active modifier

There are a couple of operations that are meant to set the active
modifier that currently don't. The first is a mouse press on the drag
icon on the right of the header, and the second is mouse presses on
modifier sub-panels headers.

This was an oversight in the implementation, especially the second,
because the blank space on the right of a sub-panel header often looks
just like the blank space elsewhere on the modifier's panel that
*does* set the active modifier.

Note that this purposefully doesn't include collapsing and expanding
the modifier as operations that set the active, since regardless of
whether that makes sense, it wasn't in the agreed upon design, which
would ideally not need changing for 2.92.

Differential Revision:

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