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New Blender Smoke Patch

Jul-06-2010    3 Comments

Second smoke patchI have just finished a new patch to improve Blender 2.5 smoke simulator.

The major changes in this patch are:

Smooth High-Res Emitter

When using high resolution, the smoke usually gets blocky around the emitter.
Old Blocky Smoke Smooth Smoke
This patch adds a new setting to use "smooth" emission. (Right image)

Additive Emission

Now it's possible to make emitter to add density values to current density in the scene. So you can use low density emitter, like 0.1, and still have dense smoke. This allows even smoother emission.

Changing smoke vorticity

This patch allows you to change smoke vorticity. It defines how much turbulence or rotation fluid has. So lowering it gives you very smooth smoke.

I made this candle simulation using just 0.1 vorticity:

Some minor updates are: domain border collision settings, "Time Scale" slider and "Initial Velocity" multiplier.

You can check complete changelog here: Patch changelog
And download the patch here: Download the patch

Also my Blender Builds are using this patch. So just download a build here.

Posted by MiikaH at 19:02

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Aug-01-2010 20:05
Can you post a tutorial about the candle flame?

It's so realistic

Sep-26-2010 15:06
Would love to see a tutorial as well.
Oct-31-2010 15:01
very nice. Always cool to see fluid dynamics engines being improved :)

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