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Blender is going to have wetmaps!

Jul-25-2010    3 Comments

Mesh PaintFew weeks ago I started developing a new feature to Blender: wetmaps. Being a simulator fan myself, I have always hoped Blender had some sort of "wetmaps" to allow realistic fluid simulations.

Well, now I finally started implementing it but it turned out to be a lot more. I call it "Mesh Paint" atm.

Check out some of my first tests:

Basic wetmaps:

Other kind of mesh interaction:

This system allows you to "paint" textures with other animated objects or particles. The "canvas" can be any mesh and it can even be animated. You can also specify colors for painter objects. Result will be saved as an image sequence that can be used on canvas as texture to produce preferred effect.

However, this project is still in very early stage so there is no downloadable build or patch available anytime soon. All depends on how much time I have and if I manage to keep motivated. :)

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Aug-01-2010 22:33
hi, found your post looking for wetmap solution for blender, your development looks very promising ! Keep it up !

Lyle Walsh
Aug-03-2010 21:31
Your work is making quite a buzz. Wiping the condensation off a mirror and water dripping down the wall WOW that is stuff I would like to use right now! If it can't fit directly into blender in time to make 2.6, could it work as a script? So please keep it up, very exiting stuff.
Scott Touchet
Oct-18-2010 15:14
When I first saw these demo videos over a month ago, I was floored. Especially by the first one displayed here. I remember thinking that between internal development at the Blender Foundation and outside development by people like you, Blender will undoubtedly outpace feature development of commercial software and not only become comparable to them but quickly become the milestone that all other packages are compared to. I personally want to thank you for your hard work, and hope that you will see it through to completion. Amazing work!

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