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Mesh Paint progress update

Aug-01-2010    34 Comments

During the last week I added mesh paint properly to Blender source (my previous implementation was just a bunch of edited modifiers :p) and added user interface elements. I think that was one of the hardest parts of this whole project. Just browsing through Blender source trying to figure out how to add new modifiers, operator buttons etc. :)

I also did some optimizations and improvements on base code and added some new features.

Particle painting is now finished:

Then I added sub steps to allow solid results even with fast moving objects:

I'm soon about to finish displacement painting as well.

Posted by MiikaH at 10:56

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Aug-01-2010 20:04
You're the man! Excellent developments. Thanks for all your efforts MiikaH.
Aug-01-2010 22:30
nice progress.
Aug-02-2010 00:07
is there a build of this available for DL yet on graphicall? this looks awesome!!!
Whimsy Collective
Aug-02-2010 00:42
I want to accomplish this effect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1D8Kaz4_XE @3:12

Your progression is really cool. I've looking into fluid cloth absorption. Yours seems close.
Whimsy Collective
Aug-02-2010 00:49
Now we can do peel outs with sports car's tires on the asphalt. Imagine that!
Aug-02-2010 07:19
This is surprising! Amazing development you've got here. 'Grats. Keep it up. ^_^

Aug-02-2010 09:02
Wow, I didn't see this one, it's amazing. There are plenty of possibilities in Motion Design with the second video.
max p
Aug-02-2010 15:48
WTF !!!

you are a master!
Aug-03-2010 00:24
This is AWESOME! I can't wait for this to be in trunk. :) I can seen many animations using this and variations of this for effects.
(you can delete my other comment... bad URL).
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