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Mesh Paint Effects

Aug-08-2010    10 Comments

I've been working on some kind of effect system for Mesh Paint. Hardest part of it is to make it work along all those UV-islands mesh very likely has. Some simple effects are partly ready but they currently only work on planar mesh, so still about 3/4 of work to do.

Here are previews of two basic effects. First, spreading / expanding paint:

And dripping paint (Ya, I know it could look better. I'm working on it.):

And special thanks to everyone who donated to support my development! :)

Posted by MiikaH at 15:00

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Aug-08-2010 20:44
Nice, think we'll see blood and gore movies coming in the future soon.
Perhaps a part of the next open movie project ;)
Mikhail Schalk
Aug-08-2010 22:48
I'm just amazed with every new video you produce at all the uses I could use this for. I'm really excited for this.

I agree though the dripping paint needs some improvement. It looks more like the expanding paint right now. It's gotta like break off in little tributaries. Will there be a way to guide a fluid sim BASED on the paint pattern? Because I'm thinking like the way paint streams down a wall the end of the tributaries usually have a little droplet so it's like a liquid, but also a texture.
Just some thoughts... all of the work you're doing is amazing. Great job :)
Aug-09-2010 02:13
Now my head is really going wild with all your videos! There are so many ideas and possibilities I'm thinking with the features you're developing. And it's such a great feeling, imo.

You really are a quiet genius, Miika. :)

Aug-09-2010 11:37
It looks like generated paint is really heavy. Can I see its wire?

Very interesting feature, nevertheless.
Aug-09-2010 13:40
Excellent work! Maybe the spreading/dripping could be texture driven to allow more artistic control?
Aug-09-2010 15:37
Wow, my jaw dropped when I saw this. I can't wait for it to make it into trunk.
Truly amazing.
Aug-09-2010 15:43

What wire? It's a normal/bump mapped texture, not a mesh. :)
Aug-09-2010 16:17
StarStarStarStarDark Star
Excellent! I was curious if anyone was working on a feature like this. That will really help with making things look wet after being touched by fluid sim -- especially the SPH fluids that stick to surfaces a little. :)
Aug-25-2010 06:03
This is last your patch ?

Can you publish new version ?

Aug-25-2010 17:28

Yeah, that is the latest patch released. Unfortunately it isn't compatible with recent SVN versions. :p

I'm gonna release a new finished version within a couple of weeks.

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