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Textured paint objects!

Aug-15-2010    5 Comments

This week I've been working on "textured painting" for my Mesh Paint tool. Basically you can use object material/texture to define paint color and strength.

This works on both solid and volumetric materials. Texturing can be used to add some randomness to paint coverage or even better: to allow painting with smoke! You could make dirt clouds that affect environment etc.

Here's a short demo of smoke domain being used as textured "Paint" object. Painting with smoke:

Posted by MiikaH at 10:01

Category:Blender, Development
Tags: Blender, Smoke, Dynamic Paint

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Big Fan
Aug-15-2010 21:28
Now that is both amazing and fantastic!!
Wow! Thanks so much for your work :)
Max P
Aug-16-2010 01:52

thisis awesome!

Aug-16-2010 06:59
Awesom... Blender is becoming more and more powerful... and most amazing is that everycan enjoy it.. up we go blenderers...:)
Aug-17-2010 08:44
Gotta love that. i see that handy
keepup the excelent work.
Aug-17-2010 18:15
Very cool stuff!
I hope you write some detailed tutorial :-)

Pre Cheers!

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