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Effect system finished

Sep-05-2010    7 Comments

Frozen MancandyI just finished coding "paint effects" system. Now it finally works over UV-seams well enough.

Here is a short animation demonstrating spread effect on a 3D surface: Mancandy Freeze.

In that video, paint output is simply being used as a stencil mask for ice textures.

I'm also thinking about renaming this system to "Dynamic Paint", because now you don't only paint with mesh but with particles and other stuff as well.

Posted by MiikaH at 06:49

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Sep-05-2010 09:43
The possibilities with your project are endless. So many cool effects that earlier would have taken days to do, can now be done in minutes. Can't wait until your next patch comes out :-)
Sep-05-2010 15:49
Wow!!! It's amazing!!! Will this fratures be integrated in the official Blender? It MUST BE!!!
Congratulations, Miikah!
Sep-06-2010 00:06
I hope this makes it into trunk, awesome work!!!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with the world
Sep-06-2010 00:23
I'm really excited for this!

The video won't show though..
Sep-06-2010 08:27
@kernond You don't have to worry about that. There won't be separate tools for "making cool ice effect" or so.

I'm trying to keep it simple, but still add enough settings / tools to allow you guys to use it for whatever you might wish to. I'm also planning to write a documentation of every setting after I have released this.

But then again. I'm as much interested in doing these effect demo videos as I'm interested in programming this tool. And to be able to use this much time developing this (without getting paid for it), I really need to have some fun by doing these demos as well. :)
max p
Sep-06-2010 17:12
this is incredible!

congratulation and thanks!
Sep-07-2010 04:05
Awesome, thanks. When it will be merged into trunk? Will it be available in 2.6

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