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Dynamic Paint status update

Nov-08-2010    2 Comments

It's been a long time without updates, sorry about that. I had an exam period at university and had to focus on studying. But now I'm back. :p

This weekend I decided to update Dynamic Paint baking system. Currently it freezes the whole user interface same way as particles and smoke baking. In the recent SVN it's not even possible to show the process at mouse cursor anymore... Fluids, however, use this new "Jobs system" that processes bake in the background. It seemed quite easy to apply same system to DP.

Unfortunately it turned out to be impossible. Current jobs system crashes if you change animation frames within the bake process and it appears to be quite tricky one to fix. Most likely won't be fixed anytime soon. So I had to revert Dynamic Paint back to the old baking system. :(

Anyway, I have updated Dynamic Paint patch so it's yet again compatible with recent SVN revisions. Now I'm going to finish the second part of my Dynamic Paint guide. I guess I'll be able to release it by the end of this week.

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Mikhail P. Schalk
Nov-12-2010 21:20
I was hoping you'd figure out the comments weren't working eventually lol I tried to comment earlier.

I think everyone agrees that Baking is something we can't stand... my experience is that Baking really needs an overhaul on UI -I dont know if there's like a generic code for all Blender's baking or if each feature has its own individual baking code, but it's something I would really really like to have improved... just to be able to do things while something is baking and to improve the progress meter a little more to see just how long it's going to take etc. would make things way better -and this is across the board with fluids, cloth, normal map baking whatever -I haven't used fluids in a while so I'll have to check out the new baking advancements there but it would definitely be a plus if Baking were brought out of the stone age lol.

I can see why it would be a big project all on its own though.
Nov-12-2010 21:34
@Mikhail P. Schalk

Yeah, I eventually figured it out. Yet, I rarely have to comment my own posts and there were no comments to reply to. :p

That new baking system (which fluid simulator uses) seems quite nice to me. It has a progress meter on top and you can use Blender quite normally during the bake.

Afaik, jahka is planning to update particle/cloth/smoke etc. baking system to use that same system with fluids. It's not his first priority but it's something to look forward to. He is currently facing the same crashing problem I did, but hopefully he can figure it out. Then I can update Dynamic Paint as well.

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