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Dynamic Paint out of beta, v1.15 released

Dec-06-2010    1 Comment

Dynamic Paint Material SelectI just released a new version of Dynamic Paint.

Changes in Dynamic Paint v.1.15:
- You can now select which material to use when "Use Material" is enabled. Now the color selection box changes to a material selector. If no material is selected, it behaves just like before.
- Removed some useless ui elements like display/render settings and buttons from modifier panel.
- Some minor tweaking.

Since Dynamic Paint seems to be stable and I don't have anything critical on my todo list, I think it's time to roll Dynamic Paint out of beta. :) I'll keep updating if something comes to mind, and of course I'll keep this compatible with SVN. Now it's just waiting for Blender to start accepting new features and then see if DP can become officially part of Blender.

Of course there are some things to add or change later, that aren't currently possible to do:
- Non-ui-freezing bake system. I'll implement this as soon as it's possible without random crashes.
- PTex support. To do as soon as Blender itself gets PTex support.

Thanks everyone for your support, feedback, donations and for testing Dynamic Paint!

I just found out that mouse cursor progress bar works again in latest SVN revisions. Re-enabled now in v.1.15b.

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Dec-06-2010 20:33
Thanks for your work! Thats very useful new feature you got there

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